Corona Inamaliza Nyeuthi huko Trumpistan! Ogopa sana


Hii ni prokopanda ya wazungu

Lakini route cause ya hiyo disparity ni umaskini na kuishi kwa conditions mbaya

This is propaganda news

This is propaganda by the white supremacists. We can see what COVID-19 is doing to the whites in Italy, Spain,UK and the rest of Europe

Its not propaganda !!!
U.S blacks will suffer very dispropotionatly for the reasons @mhandisi has stated.

Bado kuna watu bado weko Nyeuthi yuko poa ! ! !

Listen to me first. I saw a similar news item in british media yesterday claiming that infections in UK are disproportionally high among blacks and minorities compared to the percentage they make of the total population. The article quoted sources that mentioned 13% blacks, 13% asians and 7% others. That is over 30% of cases compared to their 13% they make of the total population.

Note the article only named blacks in the headline. Secondly, it did not acknowledge that corona is currently mostly in London where whites are actually a minority. Third, they quoted no published source.

Most of the cases in Lousiana are in New Orleans metropolis, what is the composition of blacks there? Is that data even representative?

Next you will see them saying that african countries are hiding deaths, that is the aim. You saw those French doctors saying that africans are already highly exposed than them? Why

It’s not propaganda, I’m seeing the same trend playing out over here. Also in NYC, it’s the Bronx and Brooklyn boroughs which are most affected. That’s where black people live.

Blacks are far more likely to have asthma than whites. More likely to be obese…Remember pneumonia is the number 1 killer in Kenya. Bronchitis due to pollution and dust is a huge problem in Kenya as well. To survive this thing, your lungs and immune system need to be working very well. Unfortunately a healthy immune system can also be dangerous if it “overreacts” to the virus. Ironic how people were claiming that blacks are immune, turns out they are more susceptible. Stay safe!

Support your assertion that pneumonia is the number one killer in kenya. That is what i call propaganda

In terms of illnesses, yes, pneumonia is the number one killer, more than HIV and malaria. Let me find the link.

Haitambui race ama wallet

This kijiji will keep denying that the virus affects black people until we all know someone who is seriously ill or dead from Covid-19. If you bring figures they’ll say they are cooked. If you bring articles they’ll say it’s anecdotal or the writers have a racist agenda. If you cite official projections of infections and fatalities they’ll say you’re excited to see Africans die. You can’t win. Only personal experience will change people’s minds so don’t bother posting this stuff here because you’ll just piss people off.

Now, I have gone to the internet to check check whether blacks are more likely to have asthma in the US than whites, as you say. SEE for yourself below:

Actually it is opposite of what you are saying. The assertion is that corona is affecting more blacks than whites, and we are saying that is propaganda. People are affected equally or at least, no data to support any other alternative

Once more information comes out let me leave this here

I can’t see where asthma is listed on that table.

Meanwhile in Kenya…


I have clearly underlined chronic lower respiratory diseases and percentage deaths per ethnicity.
They include asthma, bronchitis, chronic emphysema etc.
They have specified in that CDC link i provided

When data says the opposite of what is being observed, tunawaona sana. They can shove their data up their arse

Ni ufala uko nayo,