Corona Exposed Religion Very Badly ! kubaya

I consider myself an atheist and I DO NOT hate religion , i actually see it’s positive intentions in society . To me religion is just a tool like fire , a person can misuse it or use it …I wish religious people knew how their religion was born but they do not …It’s history is well documented …be it christianity , islam or budhism etc etc … and if you see the bigger picture you’ll want to give religion a wide birth ! for instance :

I saw a discussion somewhere and someone claimed , jesus was created by Ceaser to ensure people became domicile , what king wouldn’t want a society where people always ‘turned the other cheek’ … that really got me thinking … offcourse i dnt accept the claims fully , but i see the point he was making .

Also , i realised that the bible was created by a council of ‘politicians’ at the council of Nicea under supervision of a king … now why would a king be bothered with a religion he wanted to crush and destroy ? why even indulge religion if he didn’t want it in the first place … ask yourself that … You see my point … Now at this council , alot of heavy editting was done and scrolls which were deemed too liberal were not included in the final bible …This really got me thinking !

Offcourse religion has it’s upside and it’s usually very beneficial in times of hardship , but on the downside , how much pain and suffering has religion caused ?

Are there any members of the atheist society of kenya here in kenyatalk … ruka inbox tuongee… i would like to be among like minded people .


mtu analipwa ngapi akijoin naku preach their gospel? asking for a friend.

Si afadhali ukuwe pastor upate income tax free na ukule tight untouched p**ssy ya congegation , plus watakununulia gari na vacations …Sidhani atheist society has such perks juu am sure wamesota ! :D:D

Money is in mainstream religion my friend. Atheist utakufa njaa.

After corona very few people will gop to church. Especially youths

ati research on previous tragedy’s show people turn to church more after major scares.

@LuandaMagere That statement alone denies you listing on my list of credible ktalk members who know what they are talking about.

Did the previous incicences cause churches to be locked? Ngoja uone .

As for me I find Christianity more compatible with my “Nyumba ya Mumbi Thaai” belief

My faith remains unshaken. But I cant remember the last time I was in a church, more than 5 years

Utawezana na Harrison Mumia? That guy is AIK and AIK is him. Don’t assume atheists don’t build personality cults around themselves as the religious do. The only thing you’ll have in common is your (dis)belief in God(s).

Hautauona ufalume wa mbinguni unless you change your ways

Many of these ‘religious’ people cannot even pass an ethics test.

If a moral man who does no wrong, but doesn’t subscribe to Christianity is killed, he goes to hell.
If the killer is a very immoral man, but repents just before death, he goes to heaven.

What nonsense is this?

Religion is just the science of ancient people. It’s how they made sense of the world, how they tried to conceptualize creation and the phenomena of nature. It evolved, it changed, it co-mingled with other cultures and borrowed ideas.

But, it is in on a free fall, all over the world, people may claim that they are religious, but ni maneno tu, porojo, usiku na mchana wako pornhub.

After crisis kitu ya kwanza kwa akili ya binadamu ni kukula raha, after quarantine ni hepi na kunyanduana…

Hii dunia ni wewe na Mungu wako.

They were bishops … hope you see the quotes i placed knowing to show the word was no to be taken at face value …anybody who has even looked in school’s direction knows that

if god exists , hayo maneno ndio utaambia ule angel kwa pearly gates …

in society people coalesce around things, be it money , trade , theft , interests … and the main attraction is the common idea and not a personality . You realise mumia is not the most eloquent guy ,i think if a more captivating guy replaced him , more people will join the society …

i’ve found this , don’t believe everything but just think about the evidence … admin anaeza ongeza hii kwa documentaries !

Tupatie summary brathe, 1 and a half hours is too long a documentary.

nimepeana moja hapo kwa first post !