Corona Cure locally available, si Mungu anapenda wafrika? Wazungu warudishe vaccine kwao

Where can you find this plant in Nrb? Nataka ya kupanda in my small kitchen garden. Watu wa biashara changamkeni. Opportunity is calling.


They are all over thome swampy areas.

OK. So probably those sellers of seedlings around the area would be having them. I am going to look for it. Especially now with winter in July coming up, we must have them nearby.

Actually, the one you have posted is not Atermisia Annua like the one in Madagascar, but its still very prevalent in Kenya.
Like in Kiambu, Atermisia suddenly appeared like 15 years ago. Here is a photo I took.


Hii stubborn weed ndio dawa. Maajabu.

You can compare with this video and see its a common plant, and considered weed.

Africans and opposing things for the sake.
I don’t know whether this plant performs as advertised, but if it does, why not isolate the active component in a lab.

We will always play second fiddle to whites because they use the same plants to make their drugs. But instead of growing it in their backyard then boiling it and drinking a full cup, they take it to a lab, get the active ingredient, and make one small portable tablet.

Out of a whole thermos of some boiled plants, medically speaking, you only need a few microliters of the active chemical.

How is Africa to grow if we cannot get rid of old ways?