Corona, an A- in '94 Perspective

Kenya stats:

Confirmed infections: 59 from a 45 million population
Died: only 1 from a 45 million population

Kenya remedying actions are too serious for this stats

Cases two weeks ago and now? Exponential growth? Communal spread? (A plain 20…)

These are the stats as at yesterday.

Corona virus will be here the next 6 months or 1 year until an effective treatment or vaccine is discovered.

The economy will collapse if most businesses will remain closed and if we keep going on a curfew for that long.

I meant what were the number two weeks ago? What are the numbers now? Do you know about exponential growth? What do you think the numbers will be next week? Next month?

If it’s taking 2 weeks to have one death then yes, we can afford that.

Exactly, we have just one death. And the deceased had diabetes as an underlying condition. It would be unfair to attribute a full death to corona

Gava ime kanyagia number of death. Watu wamenyuria lakini wanaficha

Exponential growth haiwork hivo…ati ulisema A-?

Medical doctors have taken the backseat, all instructions are coming from government bureaucrats taking instructions from parasitic owners of capital. Donald Trump has taken over, (hamtaelewa) as the Chairman of merged Fed and Treasury functions.

Watu wanakufa behind the scenes, the 17 kids from kilifi who died? And the traveller who died at mtito?

This is what’s classified as rumour mongering.People do get apprehended for such undemonstrative, unreal, non-testimonial and un-documented verbal diarrhea


@Wanaruona you are out of order

Your argument on the severity should be based and only hinged on data as reported by GoK

Wewe na hii A- yako ya 1994 inamaanisha you are over 40 behaving like a child.