CORD and peace

we as CORD continue with our peaceful pickets[ATTACH=full]42820[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]42821[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]42822[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]42823[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]42824[/ATTACH] demonstration




kenya is great than uhuruto and raila

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Idlers. Na IEBC ikiondoka how will a kibera guy benefit?


however, such leaflets have to be taken with a pinch of salt; kwanza signed as Kibera Squad seems very fishy. I do not support them but it seems some kind of monkey business. Everyone will take advantage of the situation to further their agenda

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Cord and peace should never be in the same sentence, '07 happened because of the power hungry grave dancing mad dog, now he’s beating the war drums for a repeat of the same in '17… Angel of death where are you? Kuja fanya kazi and rid off Kenya this mad man.


we are a peace loving lot. leo Isaack Hassan ataenda nyumbani mguu


on the bright side monday imekuwa holiday :D:D:D
:D:D:DUyu mjamaa probably atalala njaa usiku


we are waiting for this fools to disrupt our peaceful picketing


Court declines to stop anti-IEBC protests, orders police to provide security
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CORD leader Raila Odinga leads supporters in a recent protest against the IEBC in Nairobi. (Photo: File Standard)
Nairobi: The High Court in Nairobi has dismissed an application by Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu seeking to block protests against Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.
While delivering the ruling on Monday morning, Judge Joseph Onguto said that CORD has the right to picket and ordered the police to provide security.
He asserted that the demonstrations have always been peaceful.

Just seen a picture of an injured man in Kisumu cases of friendly fire do happen especially in a charged crowd.

There is a picture of a life less body lying on the road making rounds on the interwevbs…this is about get ugly.

kama ni huyo amelala kwa sign ya IEBC that looks staged kumaanisha IEBC ikufe

general wakanyama is busy sharpening his tools of trade

Really nigga???Mwanaume mzima na kila wakati ni kufikiria makende za wanaume wengine…tanganza msimamo!!!

ART u seem to be the foreskin holder tulitolewa kitambo na tukasahau

Nope!!! This one the guy is shirtless and there is some blood.

fanya sidekick ya closet, burger