Jamaa wa gym aliendawapi

Kwa gym

ako tu sawa…haezi kosa sponsor mahali mwenye anasaidia kulea

Makena kuna thread nimeona wakuu wakisema uko na mimba. Ni ukweli?

Atoe wapi… Amepita menobos

He was used as a sperm donor.

I like the woman’s dental fomula…si ni mrembo sana aki:D:D

Kisii Wife Material …
And where is that deadbeat Gym Gigolo …??
What a waste of Good P*ussy … :D:D

Where were you when she was getting wasted Daktari? I blame you squarely for this

Initially , I was smitten by that Booty …




Only later to get really turned OFF by her cravings for white boys … :D:D


She left a jungu for a chimpanzee gym rat. Yaani if you ever needed to get my point about baboons vs junguus this is it. Look at her now eating nduma and look at her with junguus. She doesn’t smile like she would when she was with a junguu. Junguu all the way.

Looks very happy to me … :D:D


she cant keep a man…woman logic… it is the mans’ fault

Not after eating nduma for breakfast, that got her on anti depressants.


Truth be told …

Like many of her social media generation , she had unrealistic ( almost fairy tale ) ideas and convictions about relationships and marriage …


This really explains black girls yearning for relationships with white boys …
( … notwithstanding some of our clear advantages …)

  • Bigger Dicks.
  • Far Better Stamina.
  • Culture compatibility.

Imagine how happy she would be married to Dr. Rexx Simba … :D:D

There are 2 sides to every story …
Sikiza Kwa makini … :D:D


Kweli she was happy