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Eti elder, you run your family based on online posts?? Darwin kuja

We tafuta Avatar ingine ule lion tunatambua hii mtaa ni@spear pekee, what don’t you get about copy pasted.

Umeniita nimekuja

Tuliza boss… Wacha tutombewe mabibi bila kusumbua…

Ktalk policy, you are liable for everything you post including copy paste in its original form or otherwise.

You should then as well start following her wherever she goes, work,shopping,salon,chamas,church etc or you just remove the vajay and keep it with you.

It’s true. It’s something I’ve noticed with Kenyan gyms, it’s like full on mdarano by those fisi instructors. I went to the gym recently while in Kenya and no sooner had I settled, the instructor came up to me and started giving directions of how I should order my exercise regimen. Like I’m a shagzmodo who’s never seen a gym? No thanks! Our instructors never dictate their terms to a client unless specifically requested. Moreover, closing in on someone’s personal space is a faux-pas. The guy came so close to me I could feel his breath on my cheek. I felt violated by his approach, anyway, I politely told him I’m very familiar with all the fitness machines they had but in case I needed his help I would holla back. He still wouldn’t back down so I had to be very firm with him is when he left. There were several ladies he had lined up at the weights section waiting for him to return. From the mirror in front of me I could see him stretching them out from time to time, like physically putting his hands on them. :smiley: I know a fisi when I see one. :D:D
The OP is very right. I would say most male gym instructors are sexual predators on the down low. Ask Ababu Namwamba…:D:D:D:(

Sniff sniff, I can smell a hekaya from here to budalang’i