Copy Boniface Mwangi at your own Risk

Hehe. Jamaa ameamua kufollow footsteps za Boniface Mwangi blocking VIPs, shida ni anatumia probox. Jamaa ako Kibera law courts being charged with Drunk Driving:D:D:D

A motorist was on Wednesday arrested for allegedly blocking a VIP motorcade on Lang’ata Road, Nairobi. According to human rights activist Boniface Mwangi, the man identified as Jobba on Twitter has been arraigned at Kibera Law Courts and is set to be charged with drunk driving. In a video shared by Mwangi on Twitter, the man, who was in the company of another passenger is heard in the background demanding to know what he had done wrong maintaining that he was on the correct lane.


:smiley: you should know people


In kenya never try being a hero. Wachia cinema that role.



Hehehe drunk driving fine ni 60k boss…he should know people

With all this publicity sidhani the charge will stick. OCS kesi ataitupa mbali sana isimletee swara

Hakuna watu takataka kama karao, house niggers

wajinga ni sisi

I doubt he will be found guilty

If other outlets pick up the story…state will withdraw charges

Na vile wanalipwa vibaya wakichukua masonko even ready to take one for the VIP…nikule mbegu mkubwa aishi aendelee kuponda Raha ferking slay Queens while my family mourns my loss ati Niko kazi hata neanderthals had a better life.

Hii motorcade ni ya nani kwanza?

There are too many self acclaimed VIPs in kenya, and that needs to stop in order to bring back sanity on the roads. The only vehicles that should have special clearance are the President’s motorcade and emergency services.

Hapo kabisa Nicholas. Ukweli mtupu.

Boniface drives a huge expensive car …and he has three of them…with “SPEAK UP” "TEAM COURAGE " boldly written kwa window…with cameras attached mbele na nyuma
You can’t dare engange him unless you want your face allover internet
Saidi Musa Jobba showing the charge sheet at Kibera Law Court after being charged with disobeying police instructions.
He pleaded not guilty and was released on Sh10,000 cash bail.

The case will be heard on March 4 2019.

But president motorcade doesn’t go against traffic on the wrong lane. Only emergency can do that. So it’s impunity on the part of the so called VIP. What I do is that I put hazard on and follow the motorcade as if we were together. I’ve never had a problem and I’ve done it several times. One day I got to work in 10 minutes thanks to these VIP motorcade na vile kulikuwa na jam. They have no interest in who is behind anyway so if you can’t beat them join them.