Coping strategies for Azimio Patriots in a totalitarian regime

So guys, you can create a parallel existence in which you can be totally insulated from a toxic environment that inatukondolea macho. You can follow politics from progressive nations. Let’s leave African countries to self destruct with out affecting our mental health. This is how Victor Frankyl survived in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. At night when he was all alone his mind went to a beautiful place and that gave him hope in a place where death was all over.

Numero uno get your relationship with God right. As things fall apart, more Kenyans will be living in the fringes of society, criminal gangs will flourish and you can die at any time. Kidnapping rings will be back so avoid conspicuous consumption. If you ain’t got a gun and personal security, don’t live a flashy life.

Numero due get your money right. Life is about to get exponentially expensive which is the norm with runaway corruption.

Numero tre follow an advanced democracy to satiate your appetite for politics. Avoid local news and politics to protect your mental health.

Numero Quattro read books when faced with an impossible situation, your mind is your greatest weapon to surmount your circumstances. Concentrate on literary works that engage and stimulate your mind. I’m looking for a friend who wants to learn Russian so that we can talk it as we learn it together. You may live in a retarded environment but that doesn’t mean that you have to wallow in the myasma of defeat. Hope springs eternal. It’s time to get militant. Personally, I am in the coming weeks reading the following


  1. What is to be done by Vladimir
    II’ich Lenin
  2. How democracies die by
    Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt
  3. The gardens of democracy by Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer
  4. What’s wrong with China - Paul
  5. What we say goes - Noam
  6. Hegemony or Survival - Noam
  7. Meine Kampf(My struggle) -
    Adolf Hitler the Ford Translation
  8. Mussolini and Hitler - Christian

The last two are crucial for learning how to live in an autocratic and totalitarian government. Good for milenials and those who missed the fun and games of growing up in the Moi regime.


  1. When you are engulfed in
    flames - David Sedaris
  2. What the dog saw - Malcolm
  3. Find yourself first - Linwood
  4. Things I will never tell you -
    Tobb Rohrer

Lemme tell you, this shit show ain’t taking me down with it. I’m in control of my mind so I am in control of my destiny.

Last and most importantly go on beast mode with your goals. By the end of the reign of terror and impunity, you will thank Venezuela Elect for making life difficult for you. God bless. See you on the other side where we can exhale and trade war stories. Much love to Azimio Patriots.

Meffi sana. Get your script and act a movie

Enda usome manifesto ya UDA and come tell us waki achieve hizo story ati free diaper, free internet, 70 Bob Unga, hustler fund etc. Watu wa Azimio we have seen Kenya in exile in Babylon, for you, utaiona ukiwa huko. Sisi tumeona mbele and we are just being proactive. What I can advise you is to join a choir coz Venezuela Elect loves people singing to him as he and his people loot the country to within an inch of its life. Zoea kuimba hizi wimbo mapema.

Don’t forget Vybes Cartel