Copied..... speculation Sii poa there is a story behind anger

My name is Paul Maina, nephew to the lady in the video.
So here is the full story:
Ann Muthoni lost her husband in 2022 and it dealt her a very big blow.
She has never been able to move on from the death of her husband ever since.
She initially had part of her life back, with her back to work and her kids back to school.
However, never having gone through proper professional help she fell off the tracks again late last year.
She moved out of her father’s place where she had been staying with her two kids, to Kahawa Wendani.
This she did for her own personal reasons which she never told any of us, after which she blocked us all.

I was shocked to see her yesterday at Legacy Heights involved in an ordeal with the property manager over a very small issue that I got to know about.

If you listen closely to the video the property manager is heard saying “what has stress have to do with anything?” Meaning she also knows she has been stressed up for a very long time now. She has not also been sleeping well ( I know this since I lived with and supported her while living at her father’s place)
As we speak, her two kids have not been to school and are still not in school. They are staying at their grandfather’s place who is not able to cater for them.
She donated all her house belongings including household items, her clothes and the children’s clothes.
All we are kindly requesting is for help :

  1. To get the kids back to school (9yr old girl and the 14 yr old boy seen in the video with her)
  2. To atleast get her and her kids some professional help at a therapist where she can heal and move on from all the trauma she has been through.
  3. Upkeep for the kids since they are now staying with their grandfather who is 76yrs old and ailing from Parkinson’s Disease.

The husband probably died from stress ya bibi.


Bwana alikufa aje? Haka kanakaa kuweka steel wool kilo tano