Copied... Nairobi pastors mistress intrigues and expertise horizontal gymnastics


Whom 'Clients" Compliment As Having A Rare Expertise In Mature Horizontal Matters. Askofu

Along with this bishop, read what a few of your other bishops are doing while preaching to you

In 2020 nobody would believe my story. I knew one day unga will zidi maji and truth will be out.

My post in 2020👇


Leading Many Women To Hell On Earth, Left With Kids, & Probably To Hell Fire With Them

And the reasons are well outlined in the Bible. Let no man lie to you that CHRISTIANS WILL NOT GO TO HELL NO MATTER HOW THEY LIVE so long as they are “saved” and go to church. No, God’s Word is clear on who is going to hell and who to heaven. Read this message keenly


If “once a Christian forever a Christian” nonsense preached by Damina, Selman, etc were anything close to true, Judas would have NEVER betrayed Christ.

Even if he had betrayed Christ, the sin would never have been accounted to him. It would be A CHRISTIAN BETRAYING CHRIST, which would simply go unpunished. This is a total lie & deception

That is just the way these neo Judas Church leaders do things that make you wonder whether or not they’ve obtained some special licence to sin, which the members cannot have, in order to sin habitually, knowingly, and still escape hell, as you’ll see in the examples

But now you can see being a Christian is no automatic ticket to heaven. One can change for the worse, and as Jesus said, when people backslide, their last state becomes worse than the first. Luke 11.

Tell me which heaven such old backsliders will go to?


When I say MAJOR CHRISTIANS you can easily find fault with me. Indeed there are no major and minor Christians according to the Bible. But at times it appears to me that in this life, some are not just major but special Christians with special privileges to enjoy special freedoms that the rest of the Christians are not allowed 2 enjoy. HOW FAR TRUE COULD IT BE?


  1. BISHOP XYZ - 1

A few months ago sister Jackline (not her real name) asked me phone. “Luke what’s going on these days with many servants of God”?

Her friend whom I will call Anne talked to her of an opportunity of its kind that could change her (Jackie’s) life materially and financially. “Do not miss this!”

Anne had been a mistress of one of the most powerful and prestigious bishops in Nairobi, who heads a church with branches all across Kenya and Africa. A TV personality. This bishop leads a great church denomination. He & his wife are a proud couple, the woman running a women’s program. Proud leaders of Jayceecee. Let me call him Bishop XYZ

Bishop XYZ had built Anne a posh home somewhere in the land, bought her sleekest car. Bishop XY showers her with all kinds of gifts, drenching her with all the money she would and wouldn’t need - love in abundance.

Bishop XY takes Anne out to the best of places within and without the country. His wife who is also a proud public figure has no idea about all this. How these bishops play smart!?

Another Opportunity.

Anne called Jackline. Another opportunity had come knocking. Bishop XY had another bishop friend, equally moneyed and flashy, in need of a mistress as cute, as young and as “edible” as Jackie

Anne thought of Jackline her friend. She did everything to convince her to accept the golden opportunity to become a mistress of the great man of God. “You’ll be wealthy my dear, just accept. This is life, it’s lived once,” Anne pleaded with her friend Jackline

Jackline declined the offer, much to the disappointment of her saved tongue talking friend Anne.

Jackline is one of the most morally upright woman I know. Her moral stand has cost her friends plus opportunities but she has no regrets. Jackline was not just shocked but left with more questions on top of those she had had before.

  1. BISHOP XYZ - 2

Months prior to the above, Jackline had been forced to turn down some ruthlessly persistent moves and seductions by a great man of God in Western who wanted to keep her in the same status of a mistress in mystery.

“Just look for land in any part of the country,” askofu had pushed. “I’ll buy it and build you the best home, buy you the best car, shower you with cash. You’ll live a good life. And in fact, no one will know about it”.

Of course money was and is no issue to the great man of God, raining from America like manna from heaven. What else?

This was a bishop Jackline had known well. She had known this man’s wife years back when she (Jackline ) was still young and in school. The wife is actually older than askofu

When he persisted beyond her patience, she resorted to well-thought-out insults to the man of God. It was these that stopped the man of God todate.

Now she had more questions from her friend Anne’s offer above. “What’s going on with once revered men of the collar?”

  1. BISHOP XYZ - 3

The same year another man of God invaded Jackline’s inbox with another weird proposal. He is head of a great church in Kenya with a foreign origin. So, pesa is no issue!

Bishop is retiring after a few years from now. Bishop tells Jackline that his wife is “this and that”. So he would like to marry Jackline as a second wife after retirement. But she must start out now as a mistress. She’ll have everything thereafter

Having insulted a “man of God” as stated above, Jackline decided to change tact and chase this bishop away without war. She asked him how much he’s earning. “700K monthly,” he said. “Wow!” exclaimed Jackline in her inbox. “Sasa, si hata Mimi utaniundia salary, like 400K monthly hivi!?”

One hearing this, the man of God got angry and retorted, “I thought you are a good, saved girl. Kumbe you are just a slay queen!”. He blocked her, much to her relief.

  1. BISHOP XYZ - 4

LAST BUT NOT LEAST on the same vein. One well known bishop is the most respected client in a Westie brothel. “He is our best, most generous client, an expert in the act” Cecilia told her friend Jackline.

Bishop XYZ 4 is not only a well known TV personality. He’s a very good story teller. But he is also known known by these clients as having the best “horizontal engendering” expertise. A well done job that electrifies every woman he plays the mature adults game with in the brothel.

So much that the women used to quarrel and fight over him whenever he came for the services. Everyone yearning for, not just for the big pockets of the man of God, but the acts of the bishop.

How does he keep his ID “saved”? Whenever he visits the parlor, he is so fully disguised you wouldn’t tell he’s the same soft spoken preacher seemingly in his late 50s or early 60s.

The women’s fights, interestingly, were not so much because of his generousity with his cash. Interestingly, due to his rare expertise with the rod of Moses leaving his clients dazed, electrified. By the end of the session, he would leave his students of hell with no less than 30K. Tumefika hapo.

Jackline asked her friend Cecily why she would even dare bare herself before a man of God 9f such great reputation. “Don’t you even respect God?”

Cecily’s response was too precise. “Sasa kama the man of God ndiye hana respect kwetu whom he’d regard as his daughters, and has no respect to His God, heshima gani ingine?”
Jackie was finished.

Around this time this man of God said heaven is far. If heaven is so far, Is he closer to hell to hell then, and where is he leading his thousands of followers?


What women go through at the hands of men of God today is tough, things which make Luke Divines shudder. I wonder, what’s really going on? Hell does not seem to scare us anymore, and the prospects of going there are nil today