Copied..God is brutal to anybody who dies without Christ

If you don’t know where you are going after your Death then you have every reason to be afraid of death. I know for sure that, if I die without Christ, I shall go to hell. Hell is real whether you believe it or not.

The biggest shock for most of you when you die will be the reality and the fact that hell awaits the evil doers. The hopelessness and the regrets that envelopes the wicked in death is overwhelming to say the least. The wicked reception from those ugly looking demons and the knowledge of the fact that you shall be in that horrible situation for all eternity crushes your spirit beyond description. I have been to hell and back and whether you believe me or not., that’s not my problem. Just wait for your turn. While there, I saw friends and relatives suffering in captivity without hope. They were very good people like me but died without Christ in their lives, despite the warnings that they had received from Preachers, Pastors and Evangelists.

Sometimes back, I landed myself in Central Police Station, Mombasa for street fighting(Assault & Bodily Harm) that was caught in camera, and while in there, I was received by chronic Criminals who’ve been there for years with unsolved cases ranging from Theft, Armed Robbery and Terrorism. I wasn’t going to take it lying down with these Bullies and a bad fight broke out between me and 4 most vicious Criminals in Police cells, with one of whom I believe was trained in Martial arts. This guy could walk the walls using his legs and be airborne momentarily. One of his kicks missed by a whisker in my dodging only to hit the wall, and the building shook like it could crash at that moment. I knew then, if that kick had landed on me, I would have been dead that instant. There were over 200 inmates who were motionless to enjoy the drama as Spectators with none coming to my aid. This was a fight unto death and I knew then that I also have to fight to kill and my human body became a weapon in itself., to fight to kill. The Street fight that I’d had earlier to put me in was against 6 untrained Citizens and now here I was, faced with Professional Criminal fighters. Was I going to survive? 4 against one! In my calculation, I counted at least 3 dead bodies, with me as one of the victims. I knew I was going to be killed and I wasn’t going to die alone. They were going to be at least 3 dead bodies after mine. Fortunately for me, the Police cells had a CCTV showing live pictures in the office of the Police Boss, and a bunch of armed Officers responded by storming the cell and hauling me out. While being whisked out of the door, I heard a loud voice saying., "HICHO NI KIONJO TUU, OLE WAKO UKIFA NDANI YA DHAMBI(That’s just a rehearsal., woe unto you if you die in sin!) …and I knew that was the voice of GOD, giving me a crystal clear warning :warning: The cruel hell awaits me.

I’m alive now to tell the story. Had I been dead then, I would have landed myself in hell for all eternity. How sad! I don’t fight these days because I know I don’t have to fight to prove that I am a Man, even when I’m unjustifiably aggrieved. I let go.

My Wife once challenged me to beat her up if I was a Man enough. I had to walk away, because I knew if I started a fight it shall end up with one of us being 6" feet under! I fight to eliminate. That’s how one of my stupid brothers from the then Kenya Army(KDF) trained me how to, from my Childhood. I’m trained to eliminate, not to fight!

I’ve repented of all my sin and I know where where I am going after death. I’m going to Rest In Paradise(RIP) Do you know where you are going? God gave me a second chance and I took it. Siku hizi ukinichokoza, I just walk away as if I am a Coward, but the most important thing that I ever did for myself is to give my life to Christ.

GOD’S Mercies don’t last forever. He is very brutal to any human who dies in sin. Don’t wait to see His brutality. I have had a taste of His brutality and believe me, I have vowed within myself that I’ll never see His brutal face again.

Death in Christ is an enjoyable transition. For me to live is Christ and for me to die is gain.