Copia Poised To Overtake Jumia In Kenya

This new e-retail platform is on steroids. Their prompt service and delivery to far flung areas is their main weapon against Jumia, Kilimall and the extinct OLX.

At this rate in 2 years time they will have set up a collection center in each Ward in Kenya.

Congratulations Copia.

Ur marketing Is bogus. What is Julia? Ur acknowledging jumia kilimall are market leaders and the fact that u don’t know olx were bought out by jiji shows your lack of research.
One that note… thread closed.

Jumia is a dead Dodo

Niaje punda

olx is now jiji and its pretty much very active …infested with conmen as always

jumia isnt dying , its owned by white people

Not an infestation as such …I bought a car through it two months ago… got a great deal

I found copia deep inside villages and active selling there products. Hakuna mtu anajua jumia uko

Ulifanya research lini?

Takataka Isaaq troll naona ulimanage kutoa pesa yako ya writing paypal mpaka ukanunua gari

Boss, kwani gari ni pesa ngapi… boss, tuko 2020; gari ni Kama simu

Copia has deeper grassroots penetration than Jumia or jiji.

They are surely bleeding cash… unsustainable business model

Kilimall wins

Stupid bonobo,so anything owned by whites cannot fail.
Jiheshimu ghasia takataka,maji ya sewage pale Mukuru wa Kaiyava

copia ni kenyan ?

Copia is extremely expensive

Just another white owned ‘Kenyan’ startup, spending American venture capitalist money.
We’ll see what happens when the billions they have raised dry up.

Looks like the Kenyatta family is well represented .Ukiona this Isaac guy ,jua Mama hayuko mbali [ATTACH=full]335699[/ATTACH]