Copa America vs Euro

My bet and support is on Brazil and neutral on Euro.
The hype on the Euro is however too big compared to Copa America. Europe still runs the world show . Case in point - soccer as an international sport. I wonder how many Non-African follow Africa Cup of Nations.

Very few non Africans follow cup of nations. Its only broadcast in Africa. Because of capital, Europe will always run the show. They afford the best players. This allows them to rig one or two teams in select countries, and rip huge financial benefits in the guise of entertainment.

Football has a fanatical following in South America. People will spend their meagre incomes on it, even if it means their life. The only countries that come close to this are west African countries, Nigeria, Ghana and to some extent Ivory Coast. But they are still distant. In the rest of the African countries, its just a fading pastime because its largely disorganized.

I support wabeberu but I think Italy will win EURO. As for AFCON, shida ni it happens far too many times alafu mid-season turning it into more of a nuisance than an event to look foward to. All continental football competitions are quadrennial, conducted off season when players are actually available. As long as AFCON continues to operate in the current format, people will continue hating it especially non-Africans

Mberube Leo anafinywa alifika finali courtesy of theft from the Danes.

True. There’s isn’t much of an African culture that Africa has cared to either profile or commercialise at the international market as a a continent. The few areas that we do in sport there’s too much corruption, mediocrity, divisions and politics na kujidharau in some instances. Rugby and athletics there’s some hope - but of course after we appreciate our stars accordingly.

It also has a lot to do with the timezones of America v Europe.

European events are easier to follow than American ones.

As for African events, tumekataa kujenga infrastructure and develop sports. That’s why non-Africans aren’t particularly interested.