Cop kills 6 including wife before turning gun on self in Kabete

[SIZE=6]Jirani wakipigana wacha wamalizane and MGTOW=FREEDOM[/SIZE]

A police officer shot and killed six people before committing suicide in Nairobi’s Kabete area in a bizarre incident.
The deceased included his wife, neighbours and bodaboda riders who had rushed to his house to check what had happened when they heard gunshots on Tuesday morning.
Police said the constable Benson Imbatu attached to Kabete police station went home with his AK47 rifle and picked a quarrel with his wife Carol Imbatu.

This degenerated into the shooting.
Neighbours and bodaboda riders who operate near the Heights Apartment where the officer stayed rushed to the house to check what had happened.
This was after they also saw a fire emanating from the house, police said.
And in the process, Imbatu stepped out with his gun blazing and felled five other people including two bodaboda riders and his neighbours in different locations near the house.

Unaskia mlipuko wa bunduki na unakaribia kuona kulikoni. Wewe, hauwezi skia huo mlipuko forever….

Bonobo wacha wanyurie. Ati mtu anaskia mlio wa itoka. Badala atake cover yeye na kiherehere yake anaenda kurecord na simu ndio atafute likes kwa fakebook. Instead of his safety.
Mimi nikiskia mlio wa risasi huwa na lala chini. I listen keenly kama inatoka sides za Eastlands. Na kimbia sides za westlands.

I can see some here pretending to be very wise now that they already know the outcome. Wangeskia jama wa nduthi walikimbia wakaokoa huyo mama, ungeskia vile these wise talkers wangesema hata pia wao wangekimbia kuokoa like real men do.

They heard a bang and the post also says they saw fire…ungejuaje ni gas imelipuka na kuwasha moto?

Ktalkers are very big pretenders who know what is right to do in evrey situation



Kwani watu hawajui gun shots…mimi najua types ka sita. can tell which is which nikiskia tu. Najua sasa you are wondering how…

Polis killings

That some ‘brave’ boda boda decided to chase the guy. Now the guy is lying in a mortuary somewhere having died for nothing

@admin @Electronics4u this forum needs a DMINUS WATCH section …hizi ghaseer zitamaliza Kenyans . Remember the embu boys?
Too much

Ninja ni machos ya bibi legit ilimkula na damu ya innocent civilian…
Apparently aliwekea mpangoo wines and spirits, boda boda guys decided they must share the ikus, tena he had a case that IPOA was closing in on.

Being married to a cop is 1000 ways to die

Tulisema ua daughter of jezebel B4 ujiuwe na akafuata advice good for him.