Cooking With Hannibal The Cannibal: The Supercut

Goddamnit, this guy made cannibalism look so cool, so sophisticated. He took his time to prepare his meals. You cannot deny his passion for cooking. I mean, not that I’m susceptible to Stockholm syndrome or nothing, but if someone killed me, then my soul decided to haunt him, then I found him in the kitchen preparing my body with such passion, I think I’d straight up forgive that mofo. I’d even hang around to inhale the rich aroma :eek::eek::):slight_smile:

The first and second seasons were solid, but season three became cartoonish, with some characters sporting snouts on their faces, and sijui a pig being used to incubate a newborn baby…aaaarrgh, they lost the plot!!
ION, could you mofos suggest TV shows similar to Hannibal, which feature psychos, epecially intelligent ones? So far, apart from Hannibal, I’ve enjoyed Dexter and Bates Motel (though I’m not yet done with BM).

Join team UOTP psychos are in great supply there

You’re right season 3 ilibeat it’s like they were trying too hard to replicate shock ya season 1

wambugu wait for season 4 before you talk shyiet

can we go to a screening at nakumatt?

And Hannibals accent got even heavier couldn’t hear half the shit he was saying.
Nakumatt hawana screen. Kuja kwangu niko na. 14 inch tunaweza finyilia.

I didn’t enjoy season 3 thaaat much too…Glad to know I wasn’t the only one.

I loved his kitchen and frankly I don’t mind eating my enemies… Kuwachinja ndio siwezi. :D:D:D


i enjoyed yoonthe!

did you see laurence fishburne? i usually avoid men over 30 but i’d let him come into the sanctuary

No man boobs there and all . I wouldn’t even have a second thought about it. :smiley:


he’s a leftie too

[SIZE=1]and he likes fish

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