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Naomba usaidizi wa a free or pirated software that can convert .Nef pics to JPEG
please assist

.Nef ni nudes za Nefertities ama?

  1. Photoshop
  2. ViewNX 2 (Recommended if you don;t want to edit the photos)
    Download link :

fungua na mbotochop then save as JPG or PNG or whatever unadai

hata microsoft paint nadhani inaweza

Na for converting any format (video, audio, text, etc) to any other format tumia

Stop recommending bullshit services. ViewNX is by Nikon for Nikon cameras. And it’s FREE!



Open with Paint
Save as JPEG, JPG, etc

Irfanview by Irfan Skiljan. Been using it for decades and it is 100% free.

nimekuom haraka kuona mbicha za @Nefertities

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Day made :D:D

Format Factory

ThankYou sir. this really worked

Take screenshots ama utumie snipping tool hehehheh