Conversing with women

Hii kitu ya kupeleka mwanamke Kwa hoteli inaanishindanga sana nafikanga huko maneno iinaapotea banae halafu vitu zzinakuaawkward

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uliza uwesmakende


If she likes you it will be a back and forth conversation not just you struggling to find a topic of interest while she fills her mouth with food you bought.


Dutch courage, imbibe in your favorite drink, hit and hit again then leave.

The two posts above me have made excellent points. If a girl is interested, pia yeye atajaribu kukeep the story alive. Ukiona hajaribu ata kidogo just cordially tell her the chemistry isn’t there and politely end the date.
Alcohol husaidia but naonanga ni cop out sana. Anaeza kukubamba mkiwa maji but ukisober up unashangaa ni nini unafanya.
Personally I suggest uadd some sexual undertones kwa conversation. Innuendos, teasing, double entendres, etc, sprinkle them in. Those are never boring, and not many people do that, so it’s not stale. They also guage interest. If a girl is interested, she’ll match your playfulness. If she doesn’t, you know where she stands. Don’t overdo it though. If she is a church or for whatever reason can’t be sexual, just cut your losses.
Na pia watu wakikula huwa wanachangamka. Girls are no exception. Feed the bitch.