In most threads of “ninunue gari gani?” we have the category of

  1. Nunua gari ile unataka bila wasiwasi
  2. Gari ni toyoya resale value na spares
  3. Mazda Carol battalion
    In relation to the spares issue, how does one import spares? how convenient is it to import? How much cheaper? And safety from scammers.
    I think if we have this insight then we can be confident to buy any car we love.
    While at it let us address importing cars as well

what kind of spares are you looking for? are you talking sensors or parts like nose cuts and dashboards?
in bulk or small units?

In most theads talkers complain of spares. Like the recent thread on honda fit vs toyota vits rs, at one point it boiled down to availability of spares and importing spares. I just wanted to find out how viable that option is. If it is viable then problem solved we can all buy any car we want

From my own observations majority of Kenyans buy and owns cars as an asset or just a tool that helps in conviniency of their work that why most prefer Toyota mtumba simply because spare parts are cheap and easy to get and as an asset u can quickly use it as collateral to okoa you if/when stuck financially. On the other hand there are few in formal sectors with permanent jobs and job security for them it’s easy to buy/import a brand-new car .Am guessing any brand-new car can run for at least 5yrs without any mechanical problems Kazi tu ni service that is kama haitapata accident, hao utapata they buy weird car models coz it’s a lease and they don’t care about after sale market they can then sell those cars or dump them and acquire new ones. So I concluded that’s why Kenyans prefer Toyota . Cheap affordable spare easy to maintain and quick to resell.