Controversial 2,700- hectare Intona Ranch

An auctioneer has denied selling the controversial 2,700- hectare Intona Ranch in Narok County to Deputy President William Ruto.

This follows claims by National Super Alliance flag-bearer Raila Odinga challenging Mr Ruto over the ownership of the ranch, which belonged to the family of Kenya’s second vice-president, the late Joseph Murumbi.

The auction was linked to Mr Moses Korir, the sole proprietor of Dawning Agencies and Auctioneers.

Moses Korir = Moses Courier

Naswa assume any Kalenjin is automatically linked to DP Uncle Ruto. They are the kings of tribal profiling.

Waah Arap mashake ni ngori. 2700 hectare saa hiyo mi natafuta ka 50×80.

Usi shtuliwe na mali ya unyakuzi

Amenyakuaje sasa,tbh kama ilipitia auctioneers anyone can influence the purchase.
And its not rocket science the guys in the gnmnt of the day always have lots.of cash anyway .

willing buyer willing seller

Ruto anafuata nyayo za hayati Jomo Kenyatta, Baba Moi, Jaramongi, Saitoti and other influential politicians before him.
To Him, power means accumulation of wealth, regardless of damages or inconveniences caused.
Mzee Jomo resided in Europe for some time, he saw the swag of European Aristocracy, and admired it. On coming back to .ke, this Man was full of needs and wants. He then proceeded to establish a pseudo aristocratic class in Kenya.
10 yrs after independence, majority of the families that were rolling big in Kenya weren’t inventors, industrialist or service providers, but politicians and their hencemen, a trend that is still in place.
I wonder the kind of investment that one need to put in place, so as to generate a profit of Ksh500 million in 5 years ? Lakini wakenya tuko na upussy, upto today, the Wajir Governor hasn’t reported any threats made on his life, no one has been arrested trying to burn his property, and no demo have been made to condem him.

Nani hujui Ruto hunyakua shamba yoyote yenye haina mwenyewe? ?

Baseless statements hapa ndani