Controlled Rocket Landing

If this was achieved by the government sponsored cash guzzling NASA it could have been headline news for millenia! Yet it almost went unnoticed despite it being an earth shaking achievement!
[SIZE=6]SpaceX rocket lands safely back on earth[/SIZE]

22 December 2015 Last updated at 04:46 GMT
The private space technology company SpaceX has successfully landed a rocket back on land after a mission into space orbit.

The Falcon-9 rocket came back to earth in an upright position a short distance from where it took off at Cape Canavarel in Florida.

Bill Hayton reports.

Less information


Nime click and watched the video, wonder how much money they saved

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Although there was a mishap, unfortunately!

Waiting for this on Nat Geo where they will have all the details

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Really have to respect this guy Elon Musk from founding SpaceX, Tesla (looooove that car), Solar city and Paypal all companies that are changing how things are done


Elon Musk is a disrupter, with innovative technologies…and all for the good of mankind.
We need our own disrupters here in Kenya.


The latest attempt to land a rocket ended in a spectacular explosion.

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Rink tafadhali

This made news in December. Where were you when guys were congratulating him?

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I was actually drinking busaa in those mikebes, I never read newspapers nor touched electronics, just drunk and ate and do some in the shamba


had an import who was keeping me occupied in other important matters


Na wewe ndiye supplier wa Mandazi… Alright

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walitoa wapi fuel for to and fro?


Me too. Yet to see any African claim him like we claim Obama yet he is originally African!!! Mtu asinirusie mawe priss!!!

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hapo sitakubali, guys who have been on this continent for a few centuries are not really original

nilisemako nisirushiwe mawe yawa!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

When our rocket takes off from a Kenya Airforce base you can then claim the progress. Vitu za wazungu muachane nazo.

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Is this a gimmick for Elon to keep siphoning off taxpayers money? I think so. This stuff has been considered before by NASA and they have always deemed it unreliable for manned craft or carft with a significant investment. I wish he were trying to do something different. Rocket engines like ones on space shuttle and some fighter aircraft are reusable. When NASA builds something, they hardly fail even though they have had accidents.