Contrary to popular belief, the White race is the devil's race.

The evil ways of white people and their advanced science know-how are just some of the tell tell signs.

Kwani shetani ndiye anajua science kuliko mungu?


Use smoke signals to post this thread or delete it…it reeks of irony.

Forgive me for I know what am about to say may be offensive.
But for the african, that the white man came as missionaries to bring the ‘good book of salvation to’ and that the white man whipped, shipped, shot and maimed in the name of their greed.
The white man that brought the africans ‘the light of the world’
Now you turn and call them the devil.
How ironical!

African religions were more genuine than Christianity

True brother.

God knows all science but he withholds 99.9 % from man while the devil revealed about 5% of his scientific knowledge to the whiteman through the fallen angels. Electricity is one of the secrets of the gods, fusion is another. There is limitless energy on Earth to power ALL planes, trains, homes, cars, factories from just a small powerplant measuring 1 cubic foot. We just don’t know how to harness it.

The aliens that built the pyramids of Giza used their knowledge to levitate huge stone blocks the size of Canters from Nubia (modern day Sudan) to Egypt. Some blocks weigh 30 metric tonnes. Those pyramids beamed energy back to space

I hope this bonobo logic is just admin looking for traffic

why do you people advance the narrative of aliens building the mega ancient structures?It is a white mans reasoning that he is the only source of civilization.

As for fallen angels i agree,i had to read the book of Enoch,though not in the usual bible,to understand that

So you think ancient Egyptians aligned Pyramids with Constellation of Orion perfectly without any help 4500 years ago

@Ndindu what do you think

The mark of Satan is pride. It’s not a race or ethnicity but anyone that seeks to divert glory from God unto him/herself.

Niaje @Azor Ahai

That’s what the white did ,they told us our religion was inferior to theirs, they enslaved us and dehumanised us etc. By the way habari purple :slight_smile:



Habari starscream…:slight_smile: