Contrary to most people’s belief this is the most developed city in West Africa

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Ivory Coast had impressive growth under Felix Houphouët-Boigny. He also had good relations with France, which spared the country the instability brought on other Francophone countries.

@kyuktothecore the Ram of Baoule was a great man. He had mastered manipulating France to an extent that he could go on extended holidays without fearing a coup. He was one of the anchors of Francafrique.
French technocrats really helped him develop a great country.

He was also a conman. He had promised several people that they are his successors wnapigana tu. Akakufia kwa kiti without any.

This is a beautiful city.

Wajinga waliharibu nchi when they let in muslim migrants from Burkina Faso and they became entitled navwa dilute the progress na civil war . Taka taka sana

very expensive city. Kwanza bei ya alcohol. But I love their infrastructure, especially flat and wide roads.