contrary opinion.

your opinion is equvalent to your stinky arsehole.
stop shoving it down other people’s throat.
lets learn to telorate other humans way of thinking.
nobody has monopoly over knowledge/being right.
i have noted some very mature listers who starts hurtling insults when their fucking opinion is challenged.
they should from this mature behaviour like spoilt kids who pack their play things and go home when the game isnt running in their favour.
we should be childish enough a desist from this kind of behaviour.
you shouldnt point fingers at other extrimists like ISIS because you are also an online terrorist.



All over sudden you are sound of reason? Times do change anyway


Angusha majina, usiwe kaa Raila, ama kuna mtu unnaogopa?


Name and shame them

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Leo kiko sober sadness of being broke.


mimi ni mufuasi wa raila damu.
the list is long.
it was inspired by imei listing ile ya kijeshi

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niko shule…
by two i will be drunk.
saa hii ni kufunza watoto


@kawambui that’s the gospel truth kama mm jana my thread was very objective and harmless acha matusi iletwe waaaaaaah nlijionea movie

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angusheni majina ama muache upusss


@kawambui mstari inakuja ni vile iko out of stock.

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:eek: carbon maneno gani sasa?

Leohujakunywa basiuna taabu

we default mkamba wacha ufala.
i had to recheck.

did somebody hurt your feelings with their opinion?

It never that serious…

Hatutabui takataka

if i had a hollow skull like yours i would donate it to evolutionary geologists to check if you are a real homo sapiens

i wish i had feelings.
the thing was somebody wanted to shove their opinion down somebodies throat.
they wouldnt argue with facts but result to insults

do you think of yourself as a thinking man?