I want a professional who could line up my stairs with fur like carpet. Emphasis on “fur” when I step on it I want to sink in the fur and not feel my feet hitting the stairs at all. If you have the necessary skills and product, contact me.

Mtu anataka carpet lakini kuingia nyumba ni shida…si huku ni kwenu?

Fur carpet on the stairway looks cool, but maintaining them is somewhat of a challenge.
Try checking out cork board tiles. Ease to clean, and feels spongy on the feet.

I hate poor people. Always unnecessarily hating on the rich. Instead ya hiyo upuzi yako you should be asking “Iceberg how did you get there?” but typical to your poor status in both mind and wealth you choose juvenile hate. Kwa raha zako.

Thanks but maintainance won’t really be a problem as I have very honest and hardworking helps in the house. Would also replace it every 6 months or so depending on how the professional would advise.

if indeed that is your crib… prove it… chukua a plain paper… andika “kenyatalk is full of peasants” and post it here… if you do that i swear nita tii and bow down… otherwise shut your pie-hole meffi… i guess ata keja ya mbuthia iko better kuliko yako

put the paper in the stairway and take a photo

We know how you got there…number 46

Io picha ametoa kwa net usijisumbue…

Don’t feed the troll…

wtf… noma. CSI noma!!!

The peasantry in this reply tells it all, chapa glucose na maji konyagi iishe kwa kichwa. You’ll realize we all have dreams, but not all dreams can be actualized.

Hebu tuambie, @Iceberg, ulimaliza beef na babako?


:D:D:D:D Now, Iceberg how did you get there? Hehehe

dementia imechapa huyu jamaa.

Sasa vile Kenya imejaa peasants everywhere sii siku yako huwa inaharibika daily.:D:D:D

Huyu kuhii alikuwa anapigana na babake jana baada ya kufukuzwa nyumbani na kunyimwa chakula. Alafu sasa anatuonyesha picha ambayo ametoa kwa internet anaturingia nayo. Wee kihii wi muguruki na ndinakûruma!


Who sells these in Nairobi?