Contract Law

3 parties:

Party A: service provider
Party B: Consultant to party B
Party C: Implementing agency

A signed agreement with B to help him provide services to C.
Payments were made etc.
after few months C decided to extend/give more work(additional) to party A (same contract)
Is C entitled for payment in the additional payment?

Extension of a contract. The original contract actually ended as per the initial terms. How is C giving more work and is still being paid? Hii swali iko na mathogothanio

Sierewi kitu hapa hii ni kama calculus tu

This problem falls under the law of agency and law of contract. But the facts you give above are too scant to render an opinion. What did the contract stipulate? Consult me privately for more advice.

Bona private? Hii maneno iongelelewe hapa for the sake of wanakijiji