Contingency plan

Goodafternoon listers/talkers/ following what happened to listers from 2013 december and I know some are still wandering looking for listers etc there should be a contingency plan,just in case ktalk shuts down,so we know where to converge again and normalcy are there any good plan B site???

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When we get to that bridge we shall cross it

Typical Kenyans always looking for crisis i bet my left foot you have so many problems to worry about rather than Ktalk going down.

Umerudi Kla?

Nilirudi,Niko tena kwa saana.

Scouts Motto: Be prepared.

Napenda Madame Zeroni.

with ktalk there are several administrators which is good…so unless ktalk is hit by nuclear bomb from north Korea we are safe.

NIKO kenyagen