Contested Referendum

When it comes to a NO YES referendum. Who will be the foot soldiers of Uhuru in Mt Kenya to campaign for it…? Maina Kamanda Irungu Kangata and Amos Kimunya? Millie Adhiambo, John Mbadi?
Because as it stands now most vocal and outspoken GEMA mps are on Ruto’s side and all have vowed to reject it without consensus and it seems Uhuru is pushing them away.
Will Uhuru depend on Kieleweke mps such as Kamanda , Khangata, Ngujiri or soft spoken governors such as Kimemia Kiraitu, Mwangi Iria to sell his BBI agenda plus himself or maybe he believes those GEMA mps now aligned with Ruto will troop back and assist him to campaign for BBI…
The way I see if Uhuru is not careful he might burry himself politically and end his term worse ,given his dismal performance generally and now with this BBI thing. 2005 referendum moment might just happen again
@spear maybe you can tell us who will campaign for Uhuru BBI in GEMA

Dead in the water that bbi chieth. I like the way baba’s nyanza mp’s like following him blindly without reasoning, eti they think they can force this thing down our throats after a small retreat in naivasha. They are in for a 2005 shocker

Waiguru was sanitised especially for the roll she was to play in pushing BBI in GEMA region s

Tuko ground