Content Ownership

Oya oya oya @Electronics4u @administrator @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD why can’t I delete my content/ posts? Why do I have to write, beg and cajole you to delete my own thread? Why do you own my content in perpetuity irrevocably? I can delete content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc why can’t it be deleted here?

Chief, people who decide to use forums should be very mature. You MUST stop comparing forums to social media platforms where everyone including uncultured Mbochis. By not allowing users to delete their own threads, we are promoting transparency and accountability within Kijiji. You must think carefully about what you post and its implications. After posting, you have 10 minutes to change your mind.

Most forum users are very anonymous.

Also, allowing users to delete their own threads can disrupt the flow of conversation and create challenges for forum moderators in managing content and enforcing community guidelines as opposed to social media platforms where they manage the platforms using AI. If users were able to delete their own threads, it could be more difficult to maintain a consistent and valuable archive of information for the community.

Imagine a thread garners 1000 replies and one day you wake up and delete it …Crazy right? The only thing you can do is ask for the authorship to be changed or convince all that replied to vote and allow you to delete the thread. That way we will consider.

Talking of forums, let’s talk Reddit. The mother of all forums, why am I able to delete my content there? What’s the fear, is it that people will abuse the delete button? On the contrary they won’t and there’s data that shows as much. Kule Senate the delete button was put in and it was rarely if ever used by content owners. Thing is I need control over my content without having to plead or cajole with others to their whim.

No one posts useless things and imbecile cusses on Reddit. That’s why no one wants to delete their posts there even if there’s that option

Sisi foot soldiers hatunanga hii shida. We never create content … tuko hapa kurusha mawe tu.

admin shikilia hapo. Kuna thread juzi jamaa alidelete after a DCI did some background check. sasa ona hadi nmesahau user name ya culprit

Umekaa hiiiviiii…

Hii vita tulipigana tukachoka…Thus why most talkers never post anything serious anyways…Hata account deletion

In short, otunguu haiezi nuka poa, if you had su h liberties.

To all @administrator and moderators, no one should be allowed to delete their threads, infact, no one should be allowed to block a user because you have all the options to ignore a thread that is not sitting well with their feelings.

A forum means you know what you’re posting and commenting about.

No deleting content, sisi tuko hapo for a lifetime experience

Sasa hata hizo threads za wangapi na those endless fat bitchiz wa rexxsimba ni ‘content’ kweli? Acha kufikiria kama mtoto wa gen Z nugu hii.

si unde senate

One should think hard before posting on the forum and because you cant delete threads this means you must self moderate before posting. This greatly improves the quality contributions on the forum. I think this @Ngimanene na matharo has just realised how much upus amejaza kwa forum and is now ashamed of his garbage and wants to delete it.

Hata the 10-minute window ya kudelete ni mrefu sana. Make it two.

Me? Ashamed? Do I look like a person capable of shame?

Rudisha muhahiii kule senate.Siriii

We should control your content as we see fit . A man who feels offended by online strangers is not sophisticated enough .

NIMELAND , @administrator dont allow talkers to delete their content mtu akiona ameji dox aongee na moderator

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