Content iliisha

I thought i was the only one who realized Churchill show lost content long time ago. With the likes of crazy kennar, flaqo and the rest have really transform comedy. You don’t have to wait till on Sunday to listen to dry jokes from mc tricky


Tesla anawinda Shiko

Entertainment industry requires you to know when to quit before ruining or diluting your brand.

Ata Churchill anajua, he’s just milking as much money as he can from the bonobos who are willing to pay. In other news, ata hao Flaqo na Crazy Kennar wameanza ku-bore. Siku hizi ni kuvaa kama wanawake na ku-post gey content.

Boss. So true. Niliona on YouTube…in less than 5 mins i was out. Jokes dry as hell. Online content ndio kusema.

Those short short time comedie slots are a waste of time. I loved one story line show by eddie Butita about life in kariobangi. Thats the only comedie show i have enjoyed so far. Hizi quikie zingine kwa churchill ni kutupa doh. Doesn’t he gerrit? Thats churchill show is dead

Let him milk as much money as possible. Kenya ni kugumu at the moment.

Anyway the show has been in existence for a decade. It’s time to quit

How comes Kenyans hupenda very shitty and bad edited videos …kama zile sijui pastor nganga hujibizana na akina Uhuru

There’s no humour in Kenya at the moment. All the so called comedians are just faking it. It’s dry as hell.