Contact lens

Habari gani an doctors.
Leteni pros and cons of Contact lens.

mecho zitakuwa colour kama blue na green so utakuwa unakaa kama saitan - pro!

Lazima uzitoe wakati wa lamba lolo… meaning that you’ll be seeing things that out of proportion.

i recommend super dip lens instead. macho itang’ara saidi uone mpaka kesho…


:D:D you guys am serious. @Luther12 kuja pris

If you have poor hygiene your eyes could become infected.

Google Acanthamoeba spp.

They’re expensive, and I find them cumbersome.

Najua uko na patient anangoja hapo nje, Ukimalizana naye Nangoja full analysis :smiley:

That amoeba eats the eye and can lead to blindness

As long as you follow the prescribed instructions utakuwa sawa. For example, never sleep in them, always use clean fingers to insert, never go past the recommended usage of 10-14 days…, store them in a clean container with antiseptic solution. The only thing I don’t like about contacts is putting them can take time. In the morning when I’m trying to rush out of the house, I find wearing glasses is much easier.

Kang’ura hii imefanya nicheke kama fala. Pewa like

Oh Nikki

Do castor oil works in eye treatment Doc

Treating what, exactly?


Low-concentration homogenized castor oil eye drops for noninflamed obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction - PubMed

Short sight

If you can afford, go for dailies contact lens… i.e. use and dispose at the end of the day.
A pack of 15 pairs go for 2k.