Construction of first nuclear power plant to begin in 2027

This puts Kenya on the path of sustainable and consistent energy.


Construction takes at least ten years if everything goes smoothly. Meanwhile Germany is demolishing theirs.


And the cost is always phenomenal. ROI would take decades, of which the powerplant will have outlived it’s lifespan, and we’re left with disposing the rods…it’s a good story, worthy to make a movie out of,


Tumeruka free solar, free geothermal & we are going to screw our environment with nuclear waste :laughing:


If Japan, a super power is having issues with theirs, then we are screwed.


Firweni, hamna akili

It’s construction is always projected to begin sometimes in the future since early 2000s I thought by 2010 we’d have had one but it wasn’t to be.

But we have a government body/agency that has a budget and every once in a while they have to throw us these dates to either increase budgetary allocations or sanitize what is already allocated. They even do rebranding once in a while to comform to some shit and make money. So yap we have agencies that deal with nuclear power, and even nuclear radiation. Yap chaps in case of nuclear radiation we are sorted. And you’ll never see their branded vehicles because they know you’d be laughing out loud every time you see them.

Chernobyl part 2 loading.

Wapeleke hio maendeleo rift valley ama central afterall we are at east ward side and winds runs mostly westwards angalau nuclear waste ibleach kalemeno na jaruo

Wai waaai wai…weewe nyamaza tu…ukinikumbusha vile ulisumbua elders hapa ukipigia huyo mutu ndebe unaeza fanya nitupe hii simu mbali sana


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You got that right …

We already cannot even properly handle Garbage Dumpsites , Sewage and E-Waste

GOD help us:roll_eyes::scream:


Perish that thought …
Radiation Treatment is an extreamly difficult undertaking … :flushed:

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Don’t worry, Nabii’s wife will pray for the reactors and we’ll be fine

Anus licker unaona tukiwa na Kenya melt down

A classic case of one step forward and several flights backwards. What’s the point in reafforestation anymore?