Constitutional query

Leo had threatened to boycott the coming elections. After a reply by bwana Ruto calling their bluff wamerudisha mkia katikati ya miguu na kudai kuwa they were misquoted. Hizo ndio zao na tushawazoea, sivyo!

Seeing as it is, the ballot papers have been printed and it’s all systems go. If they announced their withdrawal from the exercise, and we went ahead and held the elections as stipulated by the constitution, kisha watangazwe washindi wakiwa wamesusia uchaguzi, hapo pataenda vipi?



Let them complain…kenya yasonga mbele



Even if babuon calls for a boycott, elections with be held and winner announced. Its not compulsory for him to ran or participate. That said that will be his personal decision. I’m sure others in his party will participate. They bought the certificates, fought for it and spent even more to campaign. All that can’t be thrown out overnight. The other parties will definitely take part. There is no surprise about babuon going forward, more desperation equals more outbursts and creative illusions.

9 days to babuon and opposition forced retirement.

70%+1 votes win.


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Do you truly believe yourself that you will win the forthcoming elections?

Every briefing disputes this

Yes Bingwa, the only briefing against is from the gathering outside city hall.

Which briefing apart from Ambitho…Sijaskia anyone else with predictions for a Raila win

You are too young in govt, that explains your naïvety.

Kiss your 2013XXXXXX personal Number before you go to bed, alright

But don’t you ever fool yourself that you are IN government

Chillax Mwananchi

Sii hii story itaisha tu in 9 days. Sasa utasema nini after that. False hype is not votes. You have to covert it, build a base, maintain it, build momentum, grow it and repeat it all over again from scratch everyday. Nothing has been left to chance and that is why I’m overly confident because I know.

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I read you @spear.
But, who can tell us what would happen in such a scenario? Let’s not look at the issue as a cord/Jubilee thing. Let’s ask ourselves. If a candidate whose name is already on the ballot papers decides to withdraw their candidature days or hours to the elections, and they go on to win, will they still be the president of the Republic of Kenya?


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If a candidate withdraws, he/she has to write to IEBC for it to be official. IEBC will make the announcement to the public to confirm the withdrawal. If he/she wins somehow since he/she was still in the ballot wouldn’t count. He/she had already withdrawn officially. The only remedy here is a long process in the courts up to the supreme court to decide.

Thank you for forcing me to indulge in babuon daily fantasy. Don’t ask me to do the same tomorrow on his new daily illusion.



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What’s your Personal Number? 2006xxxxxxx?

im just a spectator. let me call someone. @Jazzman @coldpilsner na @mouraythee @muchunu njooni

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And before that, the judiciary 14xxxx

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Ask any NASA kafana if they will boycott