Constitutional Crisis Looms Before 2022 Elections If Baounderies Aren't Changed. Dynasties' Ploy To Postpone The Polls

The proponents of delay want to use boundaries review issue to petition the courts to extend Parliament’s term, meaning more days for Uhuru in office.
A section of MPs believed to have the blessings of the Executive are plotting to postpone next year’s general election, a move sure to trigger political fireworks.
Kioni is the chairman of the National Assembly Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee.
However, lawyer and constitutional expert Paul Aol told the Star, "You cannot postpone an election on the basis of constituencies.
"The reason is constituency boundaries are supposed to be reviewed between eight and 12 years. This means if a general election is coming and it is still within that time frame, then no law has been violated.
“For example, if we went outside 12 years without review, then you can say the election is unconstitutional. But as things stand right now, the last review was done in 2012, meaning that from 2012 up to 2024, all the constituencies are still valid.”
At the heart of the elections postponement push are concerns nearly 200 constituencies do not meet the population threshold provided for in the Constitution.


The current population quota per constituency is 163,000 voters.
In an interview with the Star, Kioni said they will ask the courts to compel the IEBC to conduct the boundary review before the August 9, 2022, vote to avert what he calls a looming constitutional crisis.
The MP said the 26 constituencies that were specially protected in 2012, though they didn’t meet the threshold would be scrapped without the review.
The 26 constituencies were exempted from the population quota in 2012.
“This is a serious enough issue to occasion a discussion on whether we should have elections on the proposed date of August 9, 2022, or thereafter,” Kioni said.
“Why go into an election with the constituencies as they are? To me, it is a thing that falls into the definition of an emergency in the country,” the lawmaker said.

Election is on Tuesday, 9th August, 2022. Any other shenaniganism will be rejected, opposed, dismantled and fully objected. We cannot suffer a single day more under that drunkard fool.

Ni country yenu. Parasitic Owners of Capital wanashughlikia maslahi yao. Atwoli na Uhuru wanashughlikia maslahi yao, nyinyi kama wananchi wa kawaida, mkikosa kushughlikia maslahi yenu, si shauri yenu? Injury to parasitic owners of capital is injury to Satan

26 constituencies that were specially protected in 2012 ?

Some Constituencies were drawn up specifically to separate warring communities. For example, Kuresoi was split in order to seperate the Kalenjin in the north and kikuyus in the south.
Kipkelion was done the same to separate Kikuyus and Kisiis in one constituency from the Kalenjin in the other. Mvita does not meet the 163,000 threshold, but merging it with any of its neighboring constituencies would have either created strife( if merged with Likoni or Changamwe) a super large constituency with too many people ( Kisauni) or would have made no sense( Nyali, on the other side of the harbor ).
Constituencies like Eldas were created to separate certain Somali clans from the other.
The constituencies in Uasin Gishu were designed such that Eldoret town constituency will never be created ,because it is assumed that such a constituency would end up being dominated by either Asians or Kikuyus right in the middle of Kalenjin territory. So each constituency has some estates in eldoret town, even constituencies that border Keiyo and Nandi Hills.

Wakale itabidi waache ukabila. Yani lazima kila mtu akuwe mkale hadi hakuwezi kuwa na eldoret constituency. Isn’t that the purest form of tribalism in the universe?

You can’t live without always thinking about the mighty and ever-blessed Kalenjins. You’re always so obsessed about us. I am sure you can write a book or two about us, can’t you? That will be impressive, actually.

Otherwise, we always have no apologies to make.

Also, for correction purpose: Both Kuresoi South and North are Kalenjinland. Maybe there are just some few foreign elements. Same with Kipkelion. As for Eldoret, why would you imagine that the design of boundaries revolved around some foreigners?

Maybe if Kikuyus will elect Ruto (if they will), we shall consider. Otherwise, I have never seen a Kalenjin MP in Nyanza or Central or coast etc or even a professional nominated to work in those c/regions’ counties.

Number 1:
As a person from Coast Province, do you really think we sit around thinking about “Wabara” leave alone Kalenjins???
Please, do not flatter yourself, my ancestors were in an actual civilization when yours did not even know the concept of Mathematics.
Secondly, I state facts.
Which it seems tribally focused people like you cannot handle.

@Gamal Sankara you can see why Kenyans resent the Arabs/Swahili of coast so much. They don’t even try to hide their disdain for black Africans that keep their economy running while they drink coffee and gossip under palm trees.

Oh please!! We know the history of Kenya, Eldoret and Nakuru belong to the Maasai. There were no Kalenjin in the flat areas of what is today Uasin Gishu. Yes, Kalenjins lived in Ainakboi and the Keiyo roamed in part of what is today Mobien, but Eldoret in itself was the heart of Maasailand
Uasin Gishu is a Maasai name, and Eldoret is itself is a Maasai name. Just because a tribe has large numbers in such a place does not make them native there. The same applies to Nakuru, which is majority Kikuyu today, but at no point does anyone claim Kikuyus are native to Nakuru.
Kalenjins never built towns. The only communities that built towns in the pre-colonial era were Arabs and Swahilis.
The first people to Establish Eldoret were Afrikanners from South Africa. The people who settled in Eldoret as the first urban class were Kikuyus, Asians, Britons and the Boers. There were no Kalenjins in Eldoret for most of the colonial period so No.
Source: Like every textbook on colonial Kenya.
Secondly I stated a fact, the opposition to the creation of Eldoret Town Constituency has been primarily been because the Kalenjin of Uasin Gishu know that it would immediately end up being led by an MP most likely from the Kikuyu community.
that debate was made in 2021
In 2010 too. In fact, I remember this noise being made
Unfortunately it is all behind a paywall now.

First and foremost, calling the people who legitimately bought land in Kuresoi foreigners is nonsense.
a simple map of Kenya shows that what is today Kuresoi was a part of the Mau escarpment forest. 24 percent of it still is , The settled areas were originally European farms which recruited Kikuyus from Central Kenya. So… Technically speaking, the first people to live there were the Ogiek, then the Europeans and their Kikuyu workers, not Kalenjin, who came much later. Every person in Kuresoi from Kalenjinland is a settler too, because Kuresoi was neither Kalenjinland (given that Kalenjins did not live in forests ) nor were the first humans there Kalenjins.That btw applies to a lot of areas of the Central Rift which were either Maasailand ,as is the case with all of Uasin Gishu , which is literally the name of a Maasai clan, Naivasha and Nakuru or forested and had no human presence apart rom the Ogiek such as Sotik, Kuresoi, Londiani, Elburgon and Mau Narok.

Also, You do realize that the only reason Kuresoi North has a Kalenjin MP is because Uhuru literally asked them to vote for Kipkemboi. Even though most of the MCAs there are Kikuyu, right?
This is literally easy to verify from the Nakuru County Government website, who are the MCAs of Kuresoi North ?? How many are from the Kalenjin and how many are from the Kikuyu community??? I mean it is clear who the majority are in that constituency.
I also found a link I was looking for dating to 2010 which clearly highlights why the IEBC split Kuresoi North from South ,Kipkelion East from West and the likes.
Mind you ,That was not even the information I was looking for at the time , all I was interested is in the boundary changes in my region of Coast ,where some wards were shifted from one constituency to another (Old Town was shifted from Kisauni to Mvita to raise its population for example), but it highlighted all the changes and provided me with plenty of information about the rest of Kenya.
Tribe, and clan played a clear role. Be it Kuresoi where yes, Kikuyus own half of it now. Be it Marsabit where a constituency the size of Western(North Horr) was not split , or the fact that Endebess was created for the Sabaot from the Kwanzaa constituency which was dominated by Bukusus, or the fact that in my Coast, Rabais got a constituency, ending the domination of Giramas in their region.

I have no disdain for Africans, my family has a Maasai, Kikuyus, a Borana and Taitas. I do look down on tribalists though.
Especially one with a false sense of superiority that is a clear indication of an inferiority complex.
The last thing one can start braying about is the crap I just saw as a reply.
And if you think that Arabs and Swahilis at the Coast do not work hard, last I checked, who does most of the import-export business alongside Asians??, transport companies like Bayusuf, or are the main reason that Kenya sells more tea in the Middle East today than to the UK ??? Eeerm. The tallest tower in Mombasa is owned by a native to Mombasa, is it not???A spot look at the clearing and forwarding companies in Mombasa, most are owned by Arabs and Swahilis (with Kikuyus and Asians giving very healthy competition), why do you think our egghead governor was cawing about how the SGR would impact the city???
And which Arabs are these doing farming around Mombasa??? In Lamu and Tana River there are Arab farmers who are small scale farmers, who farm just like everyone else using family labor. Most Arabs came here as traders centuries ago and have thrived as such as such long before the current tribes settled where they are now BTW.

You are confusing us with Asians.

I worked in that region for 6 years. I am also black. You can tell me what you think I want to hear. But I already know what you people really think of us. Everyone who has been to coast for even 1 week does. Like I said you folks never try to hide it. You all but hold your noses in disgust in the presence of black Africans. You see us as the slaves your forefathers used to sell. You speak to us in condescending slow Swahili like Americans do with immigrants. Yet we are from the same country.

Asians are racists too except they learned from their experiences in Uganda so they keep a low profile in Kenya, running things from behind the scenes, quietly embedding themselves in local politics and industries. For the most part they are only openly racist towards wageslaves working in their factories and homes. In this manner they have become “honorary” Kenyans. Part of the ecosystem.

Anyway I made peace with the Arab/Swahili superiority complex a long time ago. You shouldn’t feel like you have to defend yourself or justify your attitudes towards “wabara”. You should be more worried about the growing influence of people like Kingi who come from communities your people once dismissed as “washenzi” undeserving of leadership. Devolution has given them a taste of power and a degree of autonomy. No wonder your governor Joho was whining that he can no longer hold court in Kilifi any more as the coast province ODM kingpin.



Eldoret, and most parts of Uasin Gishu at large, used to belong to the Maasai. We conquered them, exterminated a majority of them and took over their lands. That is why we know the game and anyone who dares take our lands, old or new, will always face a burning fire.

As Kalenjins, we claim the territory starting from the west of Nakuru to the slopes of Mt Elgon. From Pokot and sooner to the Narok. It doesn’t matter those who live there, whether the original owners, brought by Europeans as slaves or whatever.

In the past, Kikuyus thought they could colonize Rift Valley just because Kalenjins had low population. How stupid of them. A true Kalenjin remains undefeated. We shall take back what rightfully belongs to us, and what we deem it belongs to us, one day and very soon.

Finally, as for me, Arabs are nothing but worms or cockroaches. The only civilization you know, other than the current oil boom, is raring camels and worshipping a pedophile.

Guys stuck in the past tightly clutching to outdated beliefs stereotypes sentiments.
To what end guys? Till when?

joho si ni mdigo same Mijikenda as kingi, as far as i know the only Arabs in govt are najib balala pekee

I understand you, I have lived here my whole life and I have never experienced any hate from the waswahili towards me or towards any other person.

I think the guy you’re going back and forth with might just be a troll. Ywaeza kuwa mhindi, I suggest you don’t pay him any attention.

Mbona wao wasianze. Why can’t they be the ones to first accept the demographic reality in the ground

We have many Kikuyus in Rift Valley holding political seats, thanks to Kalenjins’ tolerance. How many Kalenjins have been nominated or employed by the county governments in Central Kenya? Or even other tribes apart from Kikuyus? I bet you will only claim the Luo man of Kahawa, won’t you?