Constitutional crisis looming

Im not very conversant to constitutional laws so i raise this question without fear of contradiction, what happens if Kenya does not hold elections on 8th as stipulated by the constitution.

Is it true that the chief justice takes office as the custodian till rectification is done? In other words, can Uhuru lose his seat?
Wasomi… educate us here

Disclaimer; Only intellectual post will be acknowledged,meaning, base your argument with evidence from the green book and kenyan law, shambolic and post za Upuss peleka kwenyu mashambani where you belong

Fear Mongering by Jubilee…Yesterday uhuru was saying that he is doing us a favour for not asking for extra months to complete his 5 yr term

reality is biting pole pole

The President remains president until the President-elect is announced.

Do we have constitutional lawyers in the house. Waiting for interpretation. But I guess, the sitting president holds the office until another elections are held

The president will still be in charge…but with limited powers because of lack of parliament

Change of guard is at the swearing in ceremony. period!

This is what the AG said
"But while pleading with the three-judge bench to reject the suit, the AG said the crisis staged by the case will be “profound and unprecedented”.

“After August 8, if we do not have an election, Article 134 of the Constitution kicks in.”

“This automatically means the government will be completely hamstrung. In fact, the only functioning body will be the Judiciary,” Muigai said.

ongea na evidence this is a sensitive matter

ongea na evidence acha kupayuka with no baseline argument

Until the incoming president is sworn in.

quagmire of political intrigue


now without parliament, there will be a lame-duck president with no legislative agenda…Just a commander in chief and head of state

There will be a president with no power to appoint or fire anyone…But just as with the case in a run off or a petition.