conspiracy 1....

All this talk of a conspiracy in regards to the COVID 19 Pandemic and 5G-Bill Gates and CO, I find myself asking these questions:-

  1. if Bill gates and all other power names/deep state/Illuminati… are as powerful as it is claimed. don’t they have a quieter and more effective way to control the world?

  2. since most of those being implicated in this 5G theory are mostly new money, could this be a tactic from the old money to discredit new money and remain the world powerhouse/names

  3. could the conspiracy be a “fake it till you make it” from the new money guys to get power and/or recognition from the world as a powerhouse. (tell the world that you have the means/money to control it)

  4. is China behind this conspiracy to hide or divert attention to the fact that COVID 19 started in their backyard.

  5. could this just be an opportunistic moment for Gates and Co to produce a vaccine and hide another virus or something else (nanites, birth control) in the vaccines.

  6. is COVID 19 and all other conspiracies related to it just plain old lies or conspiracies to hide other conspiracies been implemented all over the world. (since all attention is on COVID 19 at the moment)

Event 201.

Nimeona hii nikashtuka.I thought we are slowly coming out of this pandemic partially scathed.Kumbe kuna mambo bado


Will never happen. Mark those fucking words.

I read this n was like …if she really wants that to happen, she wouldn’t say it at the congress. Anyway lemme just relax and contribute proving her wrong.

Die you lazy africans:D:D:D:D melinda gates hates every subhuman

Her qualifications on this matter is that she is fucked by a billionaire… Pesa hujaza watu kiburi Sana.

We are in a twilight zone.

Nokia, Erickson, Huawei, Samsung… top 5G companies. None is new money.

And running the world’s richest foundation. Second largest financier of WHO after the US government.
Paid for your last PEP or PREP pill. Will pay for your ARV pill if you ever need it.
Funding anti-malaria vaccine efforts.

Also, one of the earliest employees of Microsoft.
Put some respek.