Conquering Mt. Everest


Being at everest base camp is akin to being at the KWS national park gate and shouting you are conquering mt kenya

Base camp is higher than Mt. Kenya itself. Wow! Unless Ministry of Tourism wamenifund, I don’t think I’d carry a Kenyan flag like that though. Beats sense.


Everest has two base camps. To ascend to the peak, a foreigner has to pay the Nepalese government an equivalent of Ksh5.5m especially if you’re summiting using the Gorak Shep route. 5.5m baba! Hata unilipe hio 5.5m siwezi panda hio rock outcrop

You will spot dead bodies along the way. Once you start ascending, your body starts to die. It’s a matter of how “quick” you can make it to the top and back.

Nah boss. It takes 8-14 days to get to Mt Everest base camp depending on your physical fitness and level of acclimatization.
Everest is a different beast.

why are you ghey @hakimoto ?