conned by hawkers

Cheap is surely expensive. Jana nlipitia tao majioni jioni nkapata wale hawkers huuza Vegetables wako hapo Imenti. Of all the items they were selling, what caught my eyes was WARU. Huko home a 2KG Kasuku of Waru is going for 120. Wao walikua wanauza ile paperbag ya 20 bob full of Waru at only 80 bob. This is about 5 times as much, Quantity wise. I couldn’t understand why it was so cheap so nkauliza one hawker
“Mbona viazi unauza bei rahisi hivi mum”… akanishow
“Kwetu ni huko Nyadalua. Walu ni miingi inaozea kwa Shaba na hapa Nairofi watoto wetu wanaumia” I have never been so convinced… … then she continued with the hawkers chant “Waru ni Themanini kama ile mkate kubwa. Nunua Waru mkate ni baadae. Themanene Themanene.”… the chants went on.

This was definitely a golden opportunity to stock my kitchen and since I had nothing else on my hands, I bought two packs!
You know these papers are opaque,it’s already drizzling and getting dark. Plus Kanjos can show up any time. So I bought and quickly made my way to the matatu stage. Nkapanda hapo kiti iko nyuma na dere since I had luggage. And this waru was heavy.

In an hours time I was home. Time to unpack my Warus. LOL… let me stop calling them my warus, it might bring confusion. Time to unpack Waru.

Kufungua karatasi, on top were very about 4 nice big potatoes. Everything else, AVOCADO SEEDS. WTF!! Where do people get all this time. I bought 8 potatoes and about 128 pieces of Avocado seeds.
After this experience, I support Sonko in his bid to Ban hawkers from town! Wakwende kabisa. Also I won’t be buying what I can’t see.



Ulijua haujui. :D:D:D

Wueh!!! My monday has been made!!! :D:D:D:D

umbwa kendez kazi ni kuiba story interwebs bila ku acknowledge source . jinga since 1820

panda avocado seeds, kwanza zina demand

:D:D:D:D:DNyairofi ti ya nyukwa

David rudisha akifanya advert ya kiwi

:smiley: Mr. Kende, you miss the opportunity. Plant those avocado seeds and sell the seedlings or have them mature and get selling the avocados.
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work’'.

God speaks through so many ways. He once spoke through a donkey but now He must have beeing speaking through that hawker. Your future opportunity lays in avacado expoort business



nishaifanyiwa hivo kwanza ile unabuy vitu ukienda shagz unastock kwa boot nusu gunia ilikua avacado seed.siku hizi i buy straight from market

Kendez aka Rico strong uko na ukora mingi kutoka klost , acknowledge your source vile mugisu amesema.


Buy only what you can see and have your own bag minimal losses less than 5%

Kweli kapsaaaa…!

still funny ata kama ni ya wizi…

I read the same shiet elsewhere last week and it was the same incident though in Guthurai.

I was also wondering where I read this. Kumbe jamaa ni mwisi