Connection needed...

Who is in a position to assist in the facilitation of a birth certificate…a friend is need of one urgently na huduma centres take forever…

Corruption starts wit‪h u n others , follow due process.


Due process sometimes huwa tricky case Kama hii mtu ni orphan na job imepatikana Sasa huduma centre si itakuwa tu circles?

Anataka by wen ? Na anatoa ngapi?

Ana duration ya two weeks…hapo pa ngapi ni wewe Useme sisi peasants ukituuliza tutasema hata punch…


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Am in a position to help but it will depend with three things;

  1. Client ni male or female?
  2. Sex ya mtoto? male or female
  3. Uko na 15k?

How long is forever? Are you the ones bringing us al Shabbab?

client ni female…si mtoto it’s a grown up ni vile nimesema her parents details are scanty…and no Hana 15k anatafuta kazi so I doubt if she can raise that amount…

Sawa nime mwonea huruma, kesho ni kumbushe around 10am


Kesho kuja na yeye huduma centre makadara copies za id, death cert of parents , birth notification na passport photo.
I will b the one with a black shirt counter / teller 3

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Asante omwami Hio 10am nikupate aje?

forever is months which she doesn’t have…I applied for my ID to be changed I was told to wait for three weeks it’s two months now and I had all the documents…
Now for this case she is an orphan no one is willing to provide her late parents details she’s got a job offer overseas and for that she will need a birthcert first so that the other docs can follow…now tell me if it you what would you do?

Help where you can…all the best…

Say no to corruption. It starts with you!

Hapa mahali ume ni pata tu

@ Benja inbox me your no. Two days maximum. within Nairobi

kuna beste yangu hana birth cert nor notification na anahitaji Passport .

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