These rape shenanigans have brought about something that zè ladies don’t want to talk about.

Women are very opportunistic, manipulative and schemingly deceptive. They are not foolish; they know men want sex, and that they are willing to bend over backwards for puthi. It is a no-brainer for them.

Here is where the contention comes in; some corrupt pussy-holders are willing to lead men on in order get ‘free goodies’ and fail to hold their end of the bargain. A feminist may say that ooh that’s objectifying women blah blah blah…but lets be real, that is what the world has become. Women are monetizing puthi and men are sexualizing favors.

So for women, they want to have their cake and still eat it. Kama unajua hutapeana, why lead a man on intentionally ndo aspend on you? and as I’ve said, women know that all men wanna do is ferk. For men that is the equivalent of being conned by ile mbogi ya ‘niokotee hio biro’ pale OTC…ama kuuziwa S7 iko na mashilingi ndani.

Well, enlightened men always know how to get what they want, and also know what is beyond their reach. Personally, I don’t mind spending on a woman and not getting sex because of an array of factors: I know how to play my cards, a strong Christian background, etc etc. However, this doesn’t take away deliberate injustices being committed against a lot of brethrens.

In fact, I remember one of my exes bragging about how she ‘ate’ some Mwarabu’s money na hakugawa, she was very zealous when telling the story, almost as if it was an accomplishment…but probably for her it was.

So in closure, women should come clean vile wameamua in the preliminary stages, and this should be emphatically relayed to the concerned party. Si kulead mwanaume on deceptively ndio wamumunye hard-earned monies with nothing to offer in return. Alafu wakipatana na psychos and rapists:saitan: wanaanza kulia foul play.

It’s better for a lady to be forthright in quoting a figure, rather than a man wasting time and money on expensive dates that u’re not sure

some women are full of shit umekunywa pesa yangu then i phuck you. si kukunywa pesa yangu free. kwanza tuianza kusema zile pesa mumetuibia using mchele it runs into billions per year. juzi nimeona kwa media dem kortini alidunga boyz mchele pale embu, akaibia jamaa 160k mpesa na aka borrow 700,000 kshs kwa mobile banking then apewe bail ya 50k. :D:D very sad time for the boychild

It’s a mall, walk in walk out with goodies you can afford.

All this whinging isn’t healthy

I am waiting for Truman Shipoto to comment.

That story makes no sense. Only the two bedfellows know what happened. I think there would have been some commotion breakages drama scratches etc if there was was abuse es reported. It was a public place with attendants security other tenants…

Umeanza statement yako by kusema woman like crying foul when sth happens. Then ukaend up umegeneralise all women as being all bad and eating money. Both of those things happen and it’s true. But mimi personally I believe the girl’s side of the story. Ni ukweli we all know consent can be withdrawn. Na dem akikata unaweza fura but unafaa ukubali. My cannon is that for some reason consent was withdrawn and the guy used force. And then mtasema ooh the girl didn’t say anything or had a boyfriend. But rape iko na trauma like a lot of trauma. Kama ushawai ibiwa with violence you can relate to trauma. I assume rape is tenfold that. So naelewa why some rape victims take years to come out. Tuwache the DCI wafanye kazi yao. But sielewi how unaweza vunja mtu go home and then act as if everything is normal. But anyway pia kenye umesema ni ukweli some women are malicious and at the same time some men force things when they don’t go their way. They both happen they are not mutually exclusive.

Leo wacha nikiwe voice of reason. Real life si kama movie. Some women freeze some women even if they fight men are too powerful. Ukiangalia the guy he was easily twice the size of that girl. Angeamua amshike amfunike mdomo theres nothing she could have done. So argument yako kusema ukweli ni ufala. But najua huku mmejaa redpill but jueni almost every woman you know has been sexually harassed; your mothers, wives, daughters and even sisters. Kama huamini ask any of them. So sometimes try to believe the accuser unless uko na 100% evidence. And then ata kama huamini usiende kutangaza jinyamazie tu because people hear what you say about controversial topics watanyamaza tu but know they have judged you already.

Your title is TAKATAKA & so is your entire thread.

You state that Women are very opportunistic, manipulative and schemingly deceptive. When you assume you will get laid by virtue of spending on a woman, aren’t you being opportunistic, manipulative and schemingly deceptive as well?

Buying a woman Konyagi and two smokies does not grant you access to her panties!

Why lead a man on intentionally ndo aspend on you - You answered your own question. Women understand the concept of ‘A fool and his money’. They leverage this, and rightfully so.

So in closure, women should come clean vile wameamua in the preliminary stages, and this should be emphatically relayed to the concerned party - It is MEN who should come clean in the preliminary stages instead of taking oblivious women for a ride. COMMUNICATION is key, women are not psychic so say your intentions early on instead of giving hints like an class 3 adolescent.

Women are manipulative. Once the PNC hits you is when reality kicks in. Ever wondered why you feel nausea after ejaculation?? Unajua tu it was not worth it

Kwani wewe ukula ma women wanakaa aje? Mimi ntabinja ntulie halftime kias alafu niendelee tena. Mambo ya nausea apana tambua

I knew it…all along you were a broken-hearted singo matha tranny.

Anyway let me put a description of who I am and my values in bold for your understanding bwana neanderthal. You must have missed it, being the nincompoop that you are.
[COLOR=rgb(235, 107, 86)]Well, enlightened men always know how to get what they want, and also know what is beyond their reach.[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)] Personally, I don’t mind spending on a woman and not getting sex because of an array of factors: I know how to play my cards, a strong Christian background

The thread is a representation of my findings of most men and their expectations. You wouldn’t understand this though, given that you are a bottom faggot who thinks that he is a woman.

All rapists should be sentenced to life in prison, no doubt…even with something like an additional 10 strokes a day.

I am not justifying rape but I am pointing out the nature of women who scheme, manipulate and lead men on, just to get ‘free stuff’. This practice is directly proportional to rape occurrences. If you know anything to do with mathematics, then you should understand that if one decreses, then the other does too. That foolish talk ya sijui your sisters, your aunts, your grandmothers hatutaki kuskia.

You say you’re not justifying rape then you go on to justify rape. Pick a side.

Have you not heard me say that rapist should be jailed?
I am in equal measure condemning the circumstances that women put themselves in, which present a danger of being raped

But umesema ati women wanting free things is directly proportional to rape. Alafu unataka kupretend that isn’t justifying rape. By your own words you have said women who play men to get free things when they are raped they had it coming.

Alafu unajiona mwerevu sana juu unajua meaning ya directly proportional haha. Huwa mnaringa na vitu za ujinga ajabu.


A 20-year-old woman has narrated to a Nairobi court how her boyfriend, whom she met on Facebook, allegedly threw her from the 12th floor of a building while they were drinking together on their first date.

Eunice Wangari Wakimbi, who is still aided to walk, told Nairobi Principal Magistrate Esther Kimilu that Moses Gatama Njoroge had invited her to Ambank House on the 12th floor in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

As the two were imbibing an alcoholic drink, Eunice said she rebuffed his sexual advances, angering him leading to the fight that saw her being thrown from a window on the 12th floor of the Ambank House.

I wanted to confirm that sijakuacha nyuma :D:D

If you can agree to go for dangerous activities like drinks at night with a stranger; all in the name of getting free stuff, then how don’t you see it coming? Use ubongo kijana.

This is exactly what I am saying. Pewa beer tatu kiongos

Our young women need to really change their mode of operation. It is a jungle out. Waanze by reducing the consumption of akoho. Na hizo late nights with strangers zikome mara moja. And kama kawa if you have no intention of proceeding with the relationship wachana na pesa za wenyewe. Again let me recycle my old mantra girls in their teens should date teens. That is harmless dating. Kuenda kumeet a married jibaba kwa lodging isanonono…
Then again the horse bolted eons ago.