Conman Zakayo Meets With Jubilee Snitches In Nakuru

Buying everyone is this sick man’s strategy.

We need a rouge Helicopter MECHANIC afanye Ile kitu Saitoti alifanyiwa

You will die of stress and hatred you have of Nabii. Hardly an hour doesn’t pass without you writing about a guy that does not even know you exist


You cannot regret your ballot choice this early. Where is your perseverance?

I voted for Raila. Even if you go to my 2022 threads utaona, but I conceded defeat and said 1 year will not be over before the so called Hustlers start wailing like rabid wolves.


kenyan hustlers ni marafiki wa William Ruto. wao wanajuana. Ata ukisikia wakilia, usiingililie. Usikuwe na huruma.

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Kinothia wa njeri, I agree with you sir

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