conman wa loans

He is offering loans but gives instructions to send him money

The conman has a very clear and precise procedure guiding one to give him information

At some point he said something like “send 1/= to mshwari” then later on “withdraw evrything from mshwari and remain with only 1/=”. He simply wanted to know how much in total his victim had in both accounts combined. - red flag

Then he goes ahead and gives some dumb instruction for the victim to pay himself some amount via pochi la biashara
Now let’s agree, this was never going to work. You simply cannot pay yourself, it’s like donating the transaction fees to safaricom
The aim here is to create confusion, panic, tension, and congestion in the mind, so that when he strikes the victim will be too occupied to think twice - red flag

He quickly returns our guy to pochi la biashara this time round hoping his trick of the brain has worked. Gives him the pochi number “account number yako” and amount “some funny code (if you do the math it’s actually the sumation of mshwari balance + mpesa balance)” and hurries the guy to press ok faster faster - red flag

Very fishy, one must be very very very dumb and unexposed to fall for such