CONMAN Televangelist David 'Gakuyo' Ngare at DCI HQ For Grilling

Televangelist and Ekeza Sacco founder David Kariuki Ngare, alias Gakuyo has been driven to DCI headquarters Mazingira Building where he is grilled and prepared for prosecution.


DCI officials aware of the probe said the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had given consent to charge Gakuyo with among others fraud.

The case is among 12 that the DCI had opened in relation to the transactions that Gakuyo had with some locals in Kiambu.

“We had 12 files each with 25 complaints. Only one file has come back with consent to charge him and that is why he was held,” an officer aware of the developments said.


Gakuyo is expected in court on Thursday to face the charges. He may face more charges when the other files return with consent to charge, the officer said.

The televangelist was Wednesday detained by police as he flew out of the country at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Gakuyo has, however, blamed unknown political leaders for trying to revenge on him.

He said in a video his trip was cut short by detectives who apprehended him at the airport.

“They say I cannot leave the country. I’m at JKIA. I just think there is some revenge somewhere. I’m happy I might get an opportunity to see the judge and be told on what case I have. Right now I’m at the DCI airport,” Gakuyo says in the video.

Gakuyo has been on police radar over allegations of embezzling over Sh1 billion from members of his Ekeza Sacco.

He, however, negotiated a deal to pay back the money to the claimants. Police said he remains under probe over the issue.

He should have been arrested several years ago.