Conjestina torches her house

Friday, August 27, 2021 – Former boxing champion, Conjestina Achieng, turned violent and torched her house in Yala, Siaya County.

According to her mother Auma, she burnt all her clothes and other items that were inside the house.

Luckily, the fire did not spread to the entire house.

Auma said that the 44-year-old former boxing champion approached her and told her that she had burned down her house.

However, Auma assumed that Conje was just hallucinating since she is mentally unstable.

However, she got worried when she kept insisting that she had torched down the house, prompting her to go and check.

When I arrived at her house, I found that she had burnt all her clothes, the fire did not spread to the entire house,” she said.

The depressed former boxing star then turned to her mother and accused her of burning her house.

“She started shouting at me that I am the one who burnt her clothes and I did not know what to do,” she said.

Conje’s mother revealed that they are living in fear since she is always shouting and making noise while talking to herself the whole day and night.

She is pleading with well-wishers to intervene and help her daughter.

Wueh! One minute anakuambia “nimechoma nyumba” repeatedly, the next anakugeuzia na, “wee mbona umechoma kwangu?” And maybe threatening to turn violent.

A serious case indeed. Should have committed her along time ago, 'Cause sasa ame-prove she can be a danger to herself and the people she surrounds herself with.

Mental health is underrated in Africa. Hata saa hii kuna watu who will make fun of the incident na waachie hapo.

:D:D:D:D:D noma but sasa ukiamua kumtomba si anaweza kuuma maskio ?

Msee, this is a gone case. Amesaidiwa mara ngapi huyu Conje? Boxing is a cruel mistress, especially if you go down the route of being a knockout artist. Knockout artists are usually very aggressive and in that aggression they often leave themselves open to a lot of counter hits which aren’t good for the brain.

Lakini hizo ni counter punch za madem. They dont pack alot of power.

Akili yake iligongwa mangumi Sana mpaka ikachizi

Ghasia wacha upuzi i have played boxing nikiwa junior na senior na siku chizi. Pale Dallas sparing ilikuwa daily. Conje hakuna boxing alicheza. Luck ndio ilimpata. Zarika has played in amateur. Huyo conje alianza pro hata amateur hakucheza. In his fights she never ducked nor slipped punches. Guard was an alien word. Defense yake ilikuwa bure sana. Kazi ilikuwa kumeza punches.

Your reasoning is strange. So awachwe achome manyumba since tumeinua mikono?

Getting punched in the head for a living fucks up your brain.

Yes. Huyo ni mwenda wazimu, Google chronic traumatic encephalopathy uone. Atakuwa tu chokosh eventually, ata asaidiwe mara ngapi

I tried boxing nikaona wueh! Achana nae.Switched to Karate, at least hapo nilikuwa Sawa cz am more swift pande ya miguu.Actually, I use kicks more than punches.

Pia karate i tried. The reason is disliked it. Ni juu ya kupiga nduru all the time kyeeee. Ukitupa teke.
Boxing ni sweet science.

Kupiga nduru enables you to breathe out and thus more energy is expended.

Hio kwangu ni act of cowardice. Adrenaline is preparing you for flight. Boxing is sweet science. You stalk your opponent. One silly mistake ame KO juu ya counter attack. No point of no return.