Congratulations to Uhuru & Ruto on Handling of NRM

The last time I was this proud of Kenya was in 2003. President Uhuru and DP Ruto need to play real hardball mpaka kila mtu ajue serikali iko imara. That is the only way Kenya’s economy can grow - when investors know their investment is protected by a strong govt.

Everybody has a right to like or dislike, even hate the govt/president. The problem in Kenya is that people who hate the president/govt have been allowed to place their friends in crucial positions including as judges and senior civil servants.

The result is the near anarchy we have witnessed in Kenya. Time for Uhuru to make sure no person close to Salim Lone, Sarah Elderkin, Maina Kiai, David Ndii, Makau Mutua, Gladwell Otieno etc is working in any senior position in the govt of Kenya, since they would be sabotaging the govt from within.

Remember this: There are many opportunistic politicians who are watching, waiting to see whether the govt is weak or strong before they act. If the govt is deemed to be weak, what would follow is incitement that would result in ethnic killings among peasants, and that could result in thousands of deaths.

NB: Kenya also needs urgent judicial changes. How can we have judges protecting an illiterate county governor, who says the govt intends to have ships be transported via SGR to Naivasha?

The dinamic duo keep singing about rule of law, what changed? Can they use the same strength to deal with corruption and nepotism?

By the way, he can as well just suspend the constitution if he so wishes. Kenya tuko na shida.

Tuliza bolingo yako moja :slight_smile:

listen to yourself

Morning mwalimu, kwa nini hamutaki kukubali tuko na shida?

Did you read your shit twice before posting it? stupidly tribalist do you sound? Are you making a shred of sense? So because you support the ruling party and others who dnt should go to blazes?

Do you know the meaning of democracy? Have you even Googled the meaning of that word in your entire existence?

What kind of shit talk is the Govt should play hardball and chase all persons who are in the opposition and hold senior Govt positions?

You talk like a child with no concept of human decency. The issue at stake is no political. It’s the issue of power and human rights.

If you support a government who fights everything and everyone that does not see eye to eye then you as twisted and sadistic as them. When you read the meaning of the word Democracy and the practice of democracy in real countries that Kenya purports to imitate then come back and talk like an educated man.

Otherwise dnt post this tribal and hate filled rhetoric here in the name of party support. It’s people like you that fight wars you while failing to understand what your fighting for.

just for the record; anyone working in the government is supposed to be apolitical.

Exactly… They bring out unnecessary force, break the rule of law, disobey court orders, intimidate people stupidly and somebody is talking trash…wait till you are a victim of unjust Govt treatment.

Leo nilikuwa naskiza some people…they are bitter because the govt has failed.

There is soo much heat in january and the govt is just letting it go to waste, ati uhuru is weak because of deporting miguna… nitaendelea baadaye

:D:Dwell what do you know! the people who cheered as their new prisdent declared ‘constitution my foot’ are now yapping about THE CONSTITUTION. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

@admin, @Mundu Mulosi, the time to start banning hate speech is now… We can’t have people in this forum who promote hate speech and are extremely tribal and support injustice… The country does not belong to a few Kenyans. It’s a country of 45million people… And Iam allowed to air my views without spreading hate speech or tribalism.
I recommend we ban hate speech like the above we just witnessed. Mentioning the names of certain NASA politicians and saying what should happen to them is incitement and extreme bias… If I do not agree with with does not mean you come here to talk this level of trash.

Just so you know… Radio Kigali played a crucial role in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 a notable presenter of that radio was sentenced to death for war crimes and incitement because he called those being killed cockroaches and encouraged their death.

I recommend we begin to censor hate comments in this forum. This is a public forum and it should be apolitical if it is founded on basic human rights and freedom.

Their hands are tied by the courts.


To them Kenya is perfect the only wrinkle is that of jaruos and jakounists.

Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM) was a Rwandan radio station which broadcast from July, 1993 to July 31, 1994. It played a significant role during the April–July 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

You are trying to reason with Jubilee tano tena apologists. They see & hear no evil. Witchcraft is real.

Hio katiba tutumie kufungia nyama.

MkuMbwa, the only person allowed to write essays is @Georgina Matina. Hii yako hatusomi, meffi

Tuambie nchi moja ambayo haina shida??? Tell us just one!

Leo asubuhi nimeskia watu wakisema kenya iko na shida because the govt letting all this heat go to waste and thus the high power bills!

Yes, but you must serve the government of the day not following and listening to a monkey trader

Someone crossed the thick red legal line and then went on to boast about it while daring the Internal CS to arrest them

What time does Judge Luka Kimaru report to office?
Am eagerly awaiting his next orders.