congo war

head and kuma chopped off

Wewe sasa…what the fuck of the fuckest:mad::cool:

Those are obviously West Africans, mushienzi.

Just Heartless…

if west african , …is it the fulani killings bantus over jihad ?
if congo , is it paid militia working for ulterior motives and resources ?

if not , leta details ,

people are sick

I don’t know the details, just saying from the accent they’re West Africans, probably boko haram. Congolese killers are more likely to speak French, not pidgin English.

He reduced the vagina to a simple piece of meat:D:Dsilipi hata hiyo ksh150

So fucked up. And this is how the vicious cycle of hate and revenge goes on. Next culprits probably watakua from the other side, with more crude murders as as revenge

I hate niggers

[SIZE=6]ASIANS = japanese war crimes…etc[/SIZE]


[SIZE=6]Arabs = islamic/arab Slave Trade…etc[/SIZE]


[SIZE=6]Europeans = Gator baiting…etc[/SIZE]



Venye wajakoyah inafaa afanyie ule jambazi ya sugoi akiingia in power…

The man doing the work must have a sick fetish to cut off the pussy like that.

Hell is right here on earth.

How do you laugh at such gore ? Ghassia

you cant even slaughter animals like that , where is his humanity… i watched it and i now understand why wahenga walisema , [SIZE=7]“mgala muue na haki umpe”[/SIZE][SIZE=4] [/SIZE]



if anyone has any information on who these guys are and why they are doing that , leta information

Fuckkkkkk!!! This is soo sick!! Ive never seen shit like that. Omg!


Shit. Shirme. Mierda