Congo Massacre

Pale Télégramme Kuna video zingine hatari sana. We were vocal about Gaza, Hamas, Iran n shit. How about our brothers next door


Sad MANZE , some parts of Africa should be recolonized again for order to prevail


Kazi ya m23 goons wa kakame.

Link ikamu

Africa ipatiwe mchinku. Angalau someone to instill some discipline na purpose kiasi. Na pia atufukuzie mzungu umbwa koko

@rexxsimba. Allow me kusema hivi tafasali.


With the natural resources that They have this is a place that should be doing very well. Enyewe baafrika we have a problem and we cant keep on blaming omusungu.

Fuck kagame maze

Do you all have any idea the Criminality , Exploitation and Resources Rape currently in progress across the whole of the African Continent being engineered by the Chinese …???

  • illegal large scale commercial fishing.
  • dumping of substandard and poisonous goods , materials and foodstuffs.
  • large scale scale wild animal poaching and trophy trade.
  • illegal mining and gemstone extraction and trading.
  • illegal immigration, residency and aquisition of land and property.
  • abuse of local Labour Laws and Worker exploitation.
  • illegal business trading and set up of unlicenced commerical activity.
  • illegal gambling, prostitution and running people smuggling rings.

These are all activities that the Chinese would never allow Africans to participate in their backyards

But the worst is corruption and influence peddling and policy control that has compromised your entire top leadership and national security …
The next chapter will be organizing and participating in Regime Change

This is already on-going in various parts of Africa:-

  • Madagascar
  • Somalia
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Cameroon
  • Togo
  • DRC
  • CAR
  • Mali
  • Gambia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Kenya


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Mungu saidia…

I keep telling all with Ears in here …

The problem is with our Shareholder Wheelbarrow Hustler Conmen Leadership , their First Daughters , Mistress , Bimbo’s , backward Juveniles and Tugeges

President Dr John Joseph Pombe Magufuli (RIP) forcefully dealt with the Chinese in TZ to the extent that they no longer present any danger there , in spite of the very strong previous economic ties and investments

He made it very clear to the Chinese that their technology and expertise in certain specific areas is welcome but NOT their exploitation

As former Minister of Public Works , he was particularly tough on underperforming Chinese Civil Contractors

We badly need more Magufuli’s on this Continent:rage::rage:


DRC is the most resources rich country on this planet ( more than Brazil and Australia)

Yet , it’s people are languishing in War and Poverty

WHY …???

Piss-poor Backward , corrupt Leadership and dirty politics:rage::rage::rage:


@rexxsimba stupid idiot stop spamming the thread stick to bestiality. jinga hii