Confusion Galore

Ass mio parties signed something they do not know. They are now demanding for the agreement to be made public.


Wacha urongo. They know what they signed.



Jana ulidanganyana ati senior county officials hawajalipwa mshahara. You couldn’t even say the role of these senior official or which county that is.

So why would anyone have reason to believe you today?

They knew what they signed, it’s just that now ata mtoto mdogo anajua Kalooser ni kivise bila msimamo.

Aibu imekuwa kubwa sana.

What do you mean by role? I don’t understand your question.

What does he do for the county? What is his job designation or his role at the county offices?

Hakuna kitu kama 3 legged stool and you know it. kalonzo is just trying to save face after being conned for a third time. He is clinging to ass mio - oka which does not exist.

He is head of infrastructure.

Which county?

hio nikikuambia italeta noma. I must protect his privacy buana.

kaloser kamesema hakuna deal, hahaaa. kigeugeu[ATTACH=full]426502[/ATTACH]

Popocorns. The infighting continues. This elections is very easy.

Signing deals with a sitting president and a strong contender, sure…he deserves contempt