Confusion Galore.

Niko sleepless. Something is bothering me. There is this woman I like but she is too young. By young I mean inexperienced in matters of love. There is a risk of getting into a serious relationship with such a woman coz she hasn’t “experienced life” yet. I had my time, banged enough hoes and partied. I would like to settle down with her but am afraid she might one day decide to have the fun she missed coz of curiosity. You see, well f*cked and used women when they decide to settle can settle coz she has experienced all there is to experience. Wtf do I do?

I kn

I know this situation… Kwanza akizaa 1st born… Then aanze ku party… That’s it… Utabaki na mtoto kwa nyumba na househelp…

fanya ivi nijenge number yake inbox nikuondolee masaibu

Kijana settle na yeye wacha kuogopa…

Mara gapi Tutasema kunguru hafugiki?

Hekaya ikuje faster than the speed of light

Haven’t you been following our redpill lessons… For any relationship to work a woman has to have a stake in it ie stand to loose when it ends… Remember anyone who needs the other less wields the most power

Kunguru haifugiki

Dunga mimba. Akirecover from first pregnancy dunga ya pili. Then ukatae kuajiri mboch. By the time she has time to whore, she will be 40 and you will be busy with these PYTs.

This is a very good situation mtoto kwa kitanda chake mimi na house help tunatandika mattress chini na kazi inaendelea… tamu hata kuliko nyama ya sungura.

Ive read all the advises, chukua ya msito @Dayv

never ignore your gut instincts…she might play holier than thou till you sign that marriage certificate then hell will break loose…kipii utalia mpaka utoe makamasi…

The future takes care of itself, what if you marry her and die the next day?
Some relationship were never meant to last, doesn’t matter the wishful thinking!!


hakuna kitu mbaya kama mama wa 40 years kuanza umalaya na uko na watoto watatu

niggas still believe in marriages in this century