Confusion from Women

So there was this fly mami I met on tinder a while back. We were to go on a date last week, and then she told me we couldn’t meet, but proceeded to sex chat with me the night before we were supposed to go on a date, we sent each other nudes and did some nasty video chat.

Upon contacting her today (about an hour ago). I noticed her responses were cold and lacking. She proceeded to tell me that she is now in a relationship. Like wtf!!! How do you go from sharing nudes with me to “now I’m in a relationship, we can’t talk no more”???

I am honestly confused. I thought I had this cat in the bag.

Tinder and relationship have never fitted in the same sentence:D

Vumilia palmela awache kunyesha

True chief. I feel like an idiot for believing it did. I still don’t understand why most of the tinder girls write that they want relationships when all the really want to do is fuck?

Your nudes will soon be available online, if you don’t pay the ransom.

Or maybe you were lame in the phone sex and she decided not to progress any further. Sorry.

Akin to trying to mix oil and water. :D:D:D:D

Ladies are on tinder for sex and food, nothing else. Be wise

Food? heheh… Hapo kweli . Those hungry bitches go get kidnapped one day.:D:D:D

Acha kutusumbua, umemwona Kitoto hapa?

I think it’s all about money.
Very few girls will go looking for sex from strangers, that’s a man thing.

and taking photos of the food for Instagram

Swali balagha. Nikidhani watoto hawaruhusiwi hapa.

It happens amigo, post sex chat clarity, just like kulewa sana usiku next day you regret drinking. Give her time she will come around some day again

Boss tunangoja nudes zako Telegram

Mdau hukufika bei. Already ako kwa keja ya yule jamaa alisema ataongeza tip

@mjuolsofdoom = @Deorro

:D:D I am not ashamed of my body bruh

Tuna hizo nudes tukague

NV unasumbua